What is Windows 2000? Windows 2000 was formerly called Windows NT 5.0 Workstation, but Microsoft figured that people were scared away from the OS because of the name. They would think workstation was only for larger computers or workstations. However, Windows 2000 it quite the opposite, it combines the strong security and reliability from the NT kernel and the excellent user interface from Win9x. There are actually 3 new versions of Windows, Windows 2000 Professional which was formerly known as NT 5.0 Workstation, Windows 2000 Server which was called NT Server 5.0 and Windows 2000 Advanced Server known as NT Server Enterprise Edition before. I will only talk basically on Windows 2000 Professional however.

Who will be using Windows 2000? Well an article on znet.com explains that the rave right now has presented that more than 30% of businesses computers will be upgrading to Windows 2000, and thatís just the statistics for now. After they actually release it there will most likely be a lot more people upgrading.

Whatís new in MS Windows 2000? There are many new and improved additions in Windows 2000. First off, unlike NT 4.0 there will be a much friendlier user interface not however cutting back on the stability and security of the old NT 4.0. There will be many more wizards in Windows 2000 to guide you through most common tasks. The new file features makes it easier to index and store your data, for example, it will tag every file with a unique id so even if your rename or move a file it will be easily accessible. Windows 2000 is expected to run on a much wider array or hardware and supported hardware is geared to todayís corporate user, including support for DVD, USB and IEEE 1394 devices. The new Computer Management console lets you track and configure all of your hardware and software, including network options. Microsoft also claims that 90 percent of the causes for rebooting were eliminated in Windows 2000, which would save the user a lot of time and the business owner money. Windows 2000 will also utilize plug and play support and the Windows Update option, which goes onto the net and gets the latest drivers for your hardware.

So why buy Windows 2000? Since most companies will be installing Windows 2000 on their machines you would want to keep up in todayís high tech world and not be left behind. Itís fairly easy to install, especially over NT 4.0. It will save you time and money. The new interface will give users/employees a better environment to work in. Plus, you just canít go wrong with combining Windows 9x OS and an NT Workstation OS.