What Is the Meaning of Personal Responsibility?

According to the dictionary, responsibility means moral, legal, or mental accountability. Personal means relating to a person. Therefore personal responsibility should mean a person accepting the moral, legal, or mental consequences of his own actions. Too many people in
our society are not willing to accept the responsibility of their own actions. Too often
individuals make poor judgements only to suffer poor consequences which they then try to
blame on an innocent manufacturer or medical personelle. The result is the filing of numerous
"frivolous lawsuits."
Our society is built on the idea that all citizens have an equal access to a fair judicial system.
It is a privilege to have that right; and with privilege of any kind, there comes responsibility.
Citizens have a responsibility to use the American Judicial System when there is a definite
injustice to be righted. Using the courts to seek personal gain for frivolous reasons causes the
judicial process to become slow and less effective. This could eventually lead to a breakdown
in the system which could make our nation lose faith in our government processes.
Lawyers need to be more personally responsible and not promote the use of the court
system in such a manner. Doing so causes everyone to have to pay more for things they buy
to help companies cover the costs of going to court. Health care costs rise because medical
people act defensively in their treatments thus ordering unnecessary tests and treatments.
The result is that everyone pays higher insurance costs.
People need to realize that having personal responsibility means they have to live with their
mistakes. Personal responsibility has a lot to do with being aware of the fact that our individual
rights are only good as long as we keep our society strong. To do that everyone must accept
the responsibility of having respect for others. They must also respect themselves enough to
accept the consequences of their actions. That is what I think personal responsibility really