What is a leader's perfect idea of good disciple? The follower should
be one who is faithful. In Animal Farm, by George Orwell, Boxer is a very
devoted follower. This is in part to the fact that he is somewhat of a
greenhorn. The pupil should also be a very diligent worker. Boxer also
exhibits this quality in the story. In Animal Farm, Boxer is a perfect example
of a leader's ideal disciple because of his laborious demeanor and his
allegiance to his superiors.
Boxer is a very loyal character in the story. One of his mottos,
"Napoleon is always right," demonstrates his devotion to Napoleon. It shows
the reader that Boxer has a lot of faith in Napoleon. It shows that even if he
and the other animals have a slight or even a great doubt about something
Napoleon says, Boxer will follow the lead that Napoleon sets no matter what
the other animals tell him. Boxer also tried to remain loyal to the memory he
had of Snowball at the Battle of the Cowshed until Squealer brainwashes him
into thinking otherwise. While Squealer is attempting to persuade Boxer,
Boxer says, "I do not believe Snowball was a traitor at all in the beginning."
He sticks to this until he is told that Napoleon said that the story about
Snowball was true. He then resorted back the motto that "Napoleon is
always right." He may have been able to stick to his belief about Snowball
had it not been for his naive nature. The pigs took a great advantage of this.
Boxer was also faithful to his work. He was always trying to do more. Boxer
was a very faithful character who is a great example of a good follower.
Another quality of Boxer that made him a very good apostle was his
willingness to work harder. This was illustrated his other motto, "I will work
harder." This shows that no matter how hard he works, he thinks that there is
always time and energy enough for him to do more. He was always trying to
do more and more than he was already doing. This was even after he had
gotten shot at the Battle of the Windmill. Even after this incident, he insisted
that he work until the windmill was finished. His only objective in his life
now was "to see the windmill well under way before he reached the age for
retirement." Though this was not wise, it did show his willingness to work
hard. Another thing that showed his work ethic was his arrangement with the
cockerel. When more work needed to be done on the farm, he had the
cockerel wake him up fifteen minutes before everyone else. As more and
more work needed to be done on the farm, he kept requesting that the
cockerel wake him earlier until he was finally getting up an entire hour before
the rest of the animals on the farm. This was due in part to his naiveness, but
his devotion to his work. Boxer's work ethic made him a good apostle.
Good followers should be both loyal and hardworking. Boxer exhibits
both of these qualities very well in the story, Animal Farm. He is an
extremely hard worker, and he is also very dedicated to many things.
Although this is in part to the fact that he is very gullible, Boxer is a very
good example of everyone's ideal idea of a good follower.