What is a goal? According to Webster, a goal is a place where something ends. Is a goal really an end or is it a beginning? Ironically, a goal symbolizes the start of a new journey. Realistic goals are important to set for ourselves. Goals are the motivators that lead us in an orderly expedition, it is crucial to remember that goals need to be flexible. To reach "genuine" success in life, we need to alter goals to fit our unpredicatable thought pattern and cater to our unique personality that shines differently in everybody in the world.
It is crucial to remember that goals always need to be flexible. As a person matures (both mentally and physically), their goals will change. Goals can become overwhelming. It is important to remember, that goals can not control a persons life, goals are meant to be motivators NOT controllers. Many people find that after trying to reach a certain "goal", they loose interest in it. People change. Not only physically, but mentally and socially as well. A goal should always be a positive motivator, it should give a person the "drive" they need to succeed. If a goal becomes a negative factor in a persons life, they need to reassess if they really want what they are trying to achieve. Don\'t get me wrong, sometimes goals can be frustrating, they do not just fall out of the sky and land on your head. A person has to work hard and diligently to reach the desired "destination". Always keep in mind, that nothing should ever control or dominate anybodies life in a negative way: yes, we will face many hardships in life but we are always in control of what the outcome will be. My motto to life is this: Take one day at a time, when things get to overwhelming---STOP---and take a deep breath of the crisp, clean air and look around at your surrondings. Notice all the wonderful things that make our world a beautiful, unique place to live. Always be thankful for what you have----your life!!!!!