What I can do to promote liberty.

I can promote liberty by thinking before I chose something that may affect the way I can act out and state my opinions. If some lame law is gonna be passed that says that it would be illegal for me to dress up like a cigar and meet Clinton when he gets off a plane that would be taking away my constitutional right, because even though it may be improper and wrong, the first amendment is the freedom of speech which means I can indeed do that.
Another thing I could do is to think about who I would want to run the “system” . I wouldn’t vote for Clinton, but I wouldn’t vote for Gingrich or Gore either. Maybe we should start an armed insurrection and overthrow the government. But that might result in total Ĺń㮩hź and we’d go into some sorta nuclear war and than afterwards some guy might pretend he is are supreme ruler and insist on calling us frog-people. We don’t want that. But here is what we can do. We can go to hills of West Virginia and liberate some guns from the National Guard Armory. Because at some time in the course of human events it becomes necessary to disassociate from the ties that bind us and keep us from true liberty.
Now I don’t wanna get off on a rant here, but it seems to me that when the local militia group has Uzi’s, and tanks and all Deputy Bob has is a hangover from last nights eight hour long Happy hour at the Hoo Doo, and when he finally comes to and searches my house because he’s still a little groggy and is confusing me with the “Rebels of The State of Idaho Brigand” and he finds my guns and I get arrested while the people I was guarding my liberty from goes off and has a clan meeting in my backyard, that something is seriously messed up with the way the system works. What’s the solution to this? Well to go back to my main point, you should just make wise decisions. Think before you act.