What Do Love and Loyalty Do For a Person?

Everybody has felt love in his or her life. Whether it was for a pet, a favorite toy, or another person, love has been involved in everybody’s life in someway, shape, or form. Loyalty is another very common feeling, however, not as many people may have felt this way, or recognized it as easily. Loyalty can be defined as the devotion to another person or an organization. At times these two can be coupled together to form an excellent relationship. For instance, in the book, “All Quiet On the Western Front,” the narrator feels loyalty towards his commanding officer and soon realizes that it is also love that he feels towards him. This can easily be shown by the quote from the book, “…now we sit with a goose between us and feel in unison, are so intimate that we do not even speak…I love him…”
In this instance the amount of loyalty was so great that love was shared between two grown men in the middle of a war. When these two are coupled together an overwhelming sense of attachment takes place and one would do anything for the other and them in return. Loyalty is definitely needed for every person so they may feel part of something. If they feel loyal to someone or a group then they will at least have respect for that person or group. With respect eventually comes love. Loyalty is the base of love. It is hard to feel love for something that is not liked. And in a sense if you like something then you are loyal to it. A person needs loyalty so they can have respect and love for something. When they have respect and love for something then they have it for themselves. At that point it is hard to take this person down in any way, because they feel that they are a part of a group, or have a superior friendship with someone, and feel as though they have someone to back them up. Thusly, they are more willing to stand up for what they believe in and are more likely to have great inner strength so that they can take on anything. Like war. War is a major place where you need loyalty. If you don’t trust the person next to you or the organization you’re fighting for then you are not as willing to give everything up. Which, if you think about it, is what loyalty really is.
As mentioned before, loyalty is the bases for love. If you don’t feel dedicated to something you cannot feel love for it. Love, in a sense, is loyalty. Love is that burning desire to do what ever it takes to help or be there for what is loved; a feeling of loyalty. Every person needs to feel love because every person wants to be loved. With love is a greater sense of trust. Love is the best feeling in the world and each person should be willing to do anything for what they love. If love is not felt than a person cannot stand up for what they believe in and certainly cannot fight in a war. This person needs to feel love for the organization they are fighting for or, at least, their comrades. If that love is not felt than they will not give their all to defend what they believe in or help their fellow citizens, friends, and family.
In the end, a person cannot survive without love and loyalty. It is so needed that people cannot deal with themselves, not to mention the others that they should or would like to care about. Love and loyalty do so much for a person. It makes them feel whole and adds to their need of being accepted by their friends, family, co-workers, and any major organization, such as a country. Love and loyalty take a person much farther once these feelings are felt. These feelings may become so overwhelming that they are willing to die for what they are feeling love and loyalty for.