Dignity, that is what is being violated all over our world each and every day.

People have to face a struggle to live, day in and day out, not because their lazy and

don't want a job, and not because they can't get a job, but because they are denied

their rights as people and as individuals. Every person has a right to dignity, and no

person on this Earth has the ability to take it away. Workers all over the world are

suffering from starvation and harmful work conditions, this is a great injustice that

needs to be changed.


Referring back to quotes 1&2 it is an obvious problem that the rights of

people are close to non-existent. The Chinese people do not have trade

unions, because the government does not allow it. The people in China are

sometimes not even paid for their work. The military is such a threat to them

that they don't want to stick up for their rights because they are afraid of

being persecuted like the 22 year old man Rusli was in Indonesia. It is

instances like these where our country has to step in and say that it's not legal

or humane to make human beings work in basically slave camps, and then kill

them when they try to negotiate a peaceful settlement, where all they are

asking for are the simple rights that God gave them. The workers of China do

not have their basic needs met, they cannot attain their wants, they are not

taken seriously, and their humanity is not recognized and respected. The

fortunate people in this world need to recognize that there is a social injustice and

that something needs to be done. The common question is " Why should I care

about what is going on in the other part of the world? " The answer is that God

wants SOLIDARITY, no matter what race or religion, we need to

unite with our fellow human beings.


Quotes 3-5 talk of a different injustice in the workplace, sexual

harassment. Unlike unfair wages, sexual harassment occurs everywhere in the

world. Sexual harassment is an injustice usually based on lust or lack of respect for

another human being. Sexual harassment is a great offense on one’s dignity, it

affects a person’s mind and emotions. No person has a right to disrespect another,

especially in such a gruesome and horrible fashion. Sexual harassment in the the

workplace is a perfect example of inequity. Inequality is demonstrated in a different

way, it is when someone is doing the sexual harassment they feel more powerful,

like they are superior. When in reality we are all equal in God’s kingdom. Injustice,

and unfairness are extremely evident in sexual harassment, it is not right for one to

say “ I am better than you” much less try to use their power in the work force to

show who has more power. I find it extremely unfair that many people can’t even

report such injustices because fear of losing their jobs and not being able to then

support families. So again we come to the question of “ What can I do about it? “

Each and every person in the community have to fight issues like sexual harassment

in the workplace by watching out for fellow workers and giving them support if they

are being harassed. People have to make sure our officials come down hard on

offenders and making sure others get the message that it is WRONG and no person

should have to go through the physical and mental scars that it may leave.


In this analysis I have realized just how lucky I have been to be raised in an

area where no one has to face the daily problems of those the Chinese workers face.

They are treated so unfairly and they are stripped of there rights that I take

advantage of every time I go into work. It really makes you stop and think of what

you can do to help our fellow individual. I realize that every little thing you do can

helps them, whether it be a prayer or it being sending letters to different


I have also realized