Wesley K. Clark Can Win

As a Vietnam Hero, Wesley K. Clark, has a great chance of winning the Democratic Primary, as well as president. Is Clark good enough to be president? Yes, he is. As a military man, he has experienced what some of the other candidates have not. He is not afraid to tackle the difficult topics that most candidates shy away from. He wishes to undo the immense chaos that president Bush has managed to bring upon Iraq. He has four principle ideas for helping the economy.

Clark is fifty-nine years old. He is a very ambitious man. He works hard at everything he does. He speaks with energy and clarity. Heis a passionate speaker that relates many things he talks about to lifetime experiences.

Clark attended the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, N.Y. He graduated at the head in his class, 1966. He managed to attain the rank or four- star General, a feat that are only thirty-five men in the history of the military has been able to achieve. He has been awarded a Purple Heart, Meritorious Service Medal, Army Commendation Medal, and many others. That fact alone shows that he is very ambitious. It is easy to see that this man has a great desire to succeed and is therefore a good candidate for president.

Clark tackles the difficult topics of discrimination. He strongly opposes discrimination of race and religion, as well as homosexuals. He has a wide variety in religion. His father is Jewish. His mother is Baptist and his wife is Catholic. He has also seen first-hand discrimination in the area where he grew up. He says, “It is a cancer that needs to be cured, and affirmative action has been one of the most effective treatments.” Having qualified minority candidates for leaders helps. He believes that our country is safer with diversity.

Bush is failing his duties and his country as president. Clark feels that President Bush was rash in his decision to enter Iraq as a result the country is in worse condition now than it was before his occupation. Clark plans to look for weapons of mass destruction. He says that he wants to promote democracy and use our international institutions. He wants to use force only as a last resort. He says, “This helps us pursue a more enlightened American interest.”

Clark plans to revamp the economy that Bush has destroyed. In the 1990’s, economy created atleast 23 million new jobs. In the last three years more than three million jobs have been lost. What does that say about our president? Bush though that tax cuts will help create more jobs. Clark says, “Unemployment has jumped from 4 percent to 6 percent.” Clark has four ideas on how to fix the economy. He plans to provide $20 billion in tax credits for new hires and small businesses. He wants to dig out the hole that Bush got us into. Bush’s tax cuts have helped create the worst job losses in almost 70 years. Clark will reduce tax cuts. He plans to increase access to health care, education, and security. He yearns to create a long-term plan for fixing the economy. He wants to build a tax system that is simpler. In doing this, he will protect the environment. He will save our natural resources and energy. He also says we need to get rid of corporate welfare and tax loopholes. It is a waste of money. He remains “bullish” on our economical outlook.

The next President has to make America better. If Clark is elected, he will be the President to make America better than what it is today. He will use his military experiences to help humanity. Clark’s dedication shows that he loves America. He will bring our country together, by showing how diversity makes the country safer. He can fix the messes in Iraq. He can fix our economy. Does Clark have the ability to win the Presidential Election? Yes, he does. All Clark has to do is show himself to the country.