Wendy's History

Wendy�s Frostys

� I opened the first Wendys restaurant because I felt that there should be a place where fresh hamburgers are made just the way the customer wants it.� That is as true today as it was thirty one years ago when Dave Thomas first spoke those words. People put their trust into Wendys everytime that they eat there. Infact Wendys is the only fast food place that offers the Frosty (Wendys Web Page).
November 15th 1969, in Columbus, Ohio, was a very phantasmagoric day in Dave�s life. He opened his very first restaurant naming it after his little baby girl, Wendy. He expected nothing more from his little family owned restaurant, but Dave decided to approach fast food in a different angel. On November 21st 1970 he broke new grounds by opening a new feature, the pick up window. Now he could do twice as much business at the same time. This idea expanded to all of the quick service industries. Over the next thirty ones years, Dave opened up over five thousand Wendys Restaurants, not only in the United States but in twenty-seven other countries around the world. With competition rising among other fast food places, such as McDonalds, Burger King, and Arbys. Promotion would be one of his great ideas (Wendys Web Page).
A garbage collector, Craig Randall, found a discarded Wendys cup. The cup had a peel off label for instant winners. Hoping to discover a coupon good for a free chicken sandwich, Craig peeled off the label to find that he instantly won two hundred thousand dollars towards a brand new home and became an instant celebrity. Craig�s whirl wind
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media tour included the �Tonight Show,� �Jay Leno,� and hundred of media outlets hungry for a new unbelievable story. This brought many new customers to Wendys to try their luck at the new game. Soon after many other fast food places tried the same promotion ideas and were also very successful (Pook, Cory).
Wendys features two main products, the chili and the Frosty. The Frosty is a cool creamy dairy desert that will also quench and thirst. Although is thicker than a milk shakes it isn�t quick as thick as Ice cream. In comparison to the other dairy deserts that the other fast food places sell, Wendys has the least fattening deserts of them all. The Frosty at Wendys has 330 calories in a twenty oz. Cup. While Arbys has 390 calories, Burger King has 570 calories, and McDonalds has 470 calories ( Thomas, Dave). So not only does Wendys have fresh food that is made when you order it but it also has the least fattening dairy deserts around.
You might be wondering what exactly are in these scrumptious deserts. Frostys are made up of many ingredients such as: skim milk, cream, sugar, corn syrup, cocoa, dextrose, disodium phosphate, carboxymethlcellubse, vegetable mono, natural and artificial flavors ( Thomas, Dave). With all of these ingredients combined and stored in a cooler, you get a Frosty.
You might also be wondering how much these Frostys cost. Compared to the other fast food places the Frosty is priced very reasonably and for the most part even less expensive. You can purchase for the low price of ninety-five cents or you can get the super value menu price of 99 cents for a medium. But for all those chocolate lovers who

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crave the large size it is a mere dollar twenty-nine. So not only are Frostys low fat but they are also very affordable.
So as you can see, the Frosty is the best thing to cool down with on a steamy hot summer day. Dave Thomas is cooking up a way to create strawberry and vanilla Frostys right now. But until then, keep enjoying the chocolate Frosty at their super price and their low calorie nutrition!