“Wealth does not bring happiness.” True or false?


Most people dream of wealth. Which one, of us, hasn’t dreamed of money piles, beautiful houses, cars and other things like that? But if we could somehow get all this, would we really want it? Can we then finally be happy?

It is undoubtedly true, that people with money have beautiful things and they are usually admired, because everyone would like to be instead of them. In addition those people don’t have to work or worry about material matters like most people. They have a lot of free time and they can enjoy luxury.

On the other hand rich people might become mean and selfish, for they are often made to feel like they’re special and better than all the other people. Moreover sometimes they start wasting their money and end up in bankrupt or just look like fools, who doesn’t know the worth of money.

However there are also people who use their riches to help those who are poor. Creators of different funds and donators for example. They work really hard to help those who have been less fortunate, so I guess they can be really happy and proud over their work.

It isn’t easy to say exactly whether the wealth does bring happiness or not, but one thing is still certain, if you work really hard and your work shall be awarded with wealth, then you will be will be happy, because the money hasn’t came to you easily but through hard work and determination.