We have all had them at one point or another in our lives. Some are blissful while others are just
terrible. Some individuals may have these visions when they are awake, but the majority of the time, these
episodes happen during our sleep. It is the period when the subconscious mind takes over and you have no
control of what happens inside your brain. It is during these enlightening moments that you may discover
something about your "inner" self that you would not have discovered during the time that you were awake.
You can not avoid having dreams, so why not learn from them?
A lot of the time we may dream about a situation related to something that happened during the
course of our day, but what about those times when you dream about something irrelevant to anything that
occurred. Or on the other hand, you might have a nightmare where a loved one was involved in a terrible
accident. Common reactions to these nightmares would be leaping up from your sleep, and sitting atop
your bed in a cold sweat. How about those moments where we may start dreaming about one thing, and
without warning we are snatched into another dream that is completely irrelevant to the preceding one.
Mankind has been baffled since the beginning of time as to why they [dreams] occur. Minds from
all over the globe have united, and each person has attempted to formulate theories of their own as to why
all of this is occurring inside our conscious and subconscious mind. Though none of these theories have
been proven to be 100% correct, it probably will not be too long before someone gets on the right track to
proving why dreams happen.
No one person is an expert when it comes to dreams, nor does one individual dream more than the next,
according to a popular theory, which says that each of us dreams every night. The terrible part is that most
of us will forget our dreams due to interrupted sleep, change in temperature, or even some silly occurrence
not necessarily related to something physical. Then, maybe a couple of hours into the day, we might hear
something that triggers a thought. We may pause and say to ourselves, "Where have I heard that or seen
that before?" We seldom give it much thought, but if were to, we may discover that we ‘heard’ that sound
in our dream.
Certain groups believe so strongly in the significance of dreams as if these mental images are some sort of
mystical thing. For example, if my paranoid aunt has a dream about a death or a terrible accident, she will
go ahead and call everyone in the family and warn them to be cautious in whatever they go about doing
today. Buddhist monks believes strongly in their theory that during your dream, by gazing into the palm of
your hand, you will be able to see your future. Some sects believe that dreams are messages sent from their
god, while still others believe they are just movies, with no real meaning. When we dream, and actually
remember our dream, we may interpret our dream one way, but when we go ahead and tell the dream to
some other person they may interpret it another way. Who is right or who is THE authority on dreams?
Certainly not any human being today.
Personally, I believe that dreams serve a purpose. That purpose is to enlighten us. It is our
subconscious reaching out demanding to be heard. A lot of the time when we dream, our dream seems to
tell us or ask us something. At first, we usually do not understand what a dream is trying to convey, but as
time goes on, the picture may become clearer. Ultimately, we will reach the point where we will
understand the dream and its actual meaning.
Most of the worlds most successful people started off as dreamers. They each had a dream, be it during
their sleep, or while they were awake, and followed their vision regardless of what obstacles stood in their
path. These dreamers understood that without imagination, without the "movies" that appear in our sleep,
we would never achieve ‘greatness’ (example: