Water quality monitoring


(Stormwater quality improvement device)

The purpose of a SQID is to improve water quality before it can reach and enter the creeks and then end up in Lake Macquarie. They are made up of three major parts

1) Gross pollutant trap, this trap catches all big pieces of waste material in the run off, like rubbish etc. They are made up of grids or fences.

2) Sediment setting pond, this pond lets the water settle and lets the dirty matter in the water settle towards the bottom.

3) Final filtration, this final process is where the water runs through reed beds which extracts the rest of the filth matter in the water

In the catchment group test are run on different aspects of the catchment. These include pH measurement, Turbidity levels, Dissolved oxygen, Dissolved solids and phosphates.

The pH testing is probably the most crucial. If levels in the catchment start to become too high, problems can start to occur such as flora and fauna dieing. All the tests that are done havenít had the best results in the past. Hopefully with the work of SQIDs and the Dora Creek Catchment Group and also by the help of the community we can all work together to help the catchment thrive and survive