As far as Iím concerned war has been the biggest and most dangerous disaster for centuries. For lots of years people have been ordered to kill by their governments and this caused deaths of people.

Because of problems between some governments, people of these countries are forced to fight. In my opinion there are no logical reasons to kill people. We are not allowed to take lives of people, which are given to us by God .Even though people think that they can find a solution in fighting. But which reasons can you give to kill people?

In my estimation there are 2 reasons, which have caused wars for years.

Money plays really a big role in todayís world. It describes the power of countries. For example todayís richest country is America it is also the most powerful country all over the world. I really feel too ashamed to be a witness of war between Iraq and the USA. Bush said that Saddam produced lots of nuclear bombs and because of this they should attack Iraq. To the best of my knowledge his real reason wasnít that, he only wanted to capture the petroleum wells of Iraq. With the help of these wells the USA would be richer. What a good reason! Although the USA didnít have the right to attack on Iraq, most of the countries gave a leg to the USA. If they hadnít helped the USA during the war against Iraq, they would now be an enemy of the USA. Their fear forced them to become an unfair player. This was really opprobrious.

To my way of thinking there is also another reason that has made people fight and kill unconsciously for years; leadersí ambition to have power all over the world. It is my firm belief that we can sense this aim even today. We testify American imperialism everyday. The first victim of this aim was first Iraq, who knows maybe the next victim will be Turkey.

I am inclined to believe that nobody has won a war yet. Lots of soldiers have died during the war from both of the countries that have fought. All wars ended with families without fathers and lives without pleasure. They have caused sorrow and fear all over the world.

To put it briefly we should find a solution in agreements not in fighting. I hope that the new generation is aware of it and there will be no more wars in the future.