War on Iraq

In our classroom, room 204, we are doing debates. The topics for the debates range from uniforms in school all the way to gay marriage adoption and many more. The one that my group and I chose to do is the war on Iraq. Evidence has proven that war does not solve problems it makes more occur and kills innocent people. In the next following paragraphs I will attempt to discuss the dangers of war, the costs and the two people at the top of the ladder.

Well as you all should know war is dangerous. Itís a fact, you donít have to prove it or tell people it because they should already know it. War does solve any problems at all; all it does is kill thousands of lives and maybe millions such as Hitler during the holocaust 6.5 million Jews were killed. Right now in Iraq there are many innocent lives being taken away because the Americans want Sadaam dead. Those people should really still be alive because this war should have never taken place. I mean would you want to be on the streets covering your head or hiding behind a pole because people are firing and bombing public places. I know I wouldnít. This is my first war that Iím living through and Iím happy that itís nowhere near me. Would you want to have to wake up every day to explosions or even walk out of your house knowing itís not safe or even going to bed? Not only does the war kill innocent people, but it also destroys towns.

Money wise the war is very expensive. When I say that I mean for body bags, aids, weapons and the repairs of towns. This war right now will cost 74.4 billion dollars just for 30 days. All that money for aids and weapons not even for repairs if the war ever hits the U.S.. The Americans say that Sadaam has many nuclear weapons that are dangerous and that they have to take them away from him. When in the mean time they have maybe even three times as more weapons and no one tries to take theirs away. Bush started war because he wants oil. Oil cost money another word for oil is gasoline. Not only innocent people are being killed but also innocent people are paying the price in North America because the gas prices have been raised because it is so hard to get today.

Some people think that by going to war they will end up with victory, such as; Adolph Hitler thought he would rule the world after he started war but didnít and now president Bush with his oil and Sadaam with the world. I mean even if the Americans win they might never even get oil because they might have destroyed all the land. Bush also thinks that to get to Sadaam you need to kill his people, but Sadaam doesnít even care about his people. I mean he kills them himself. They also say they have proof of Sadaam having terrorist connections but no one has ever seen that intelligence before. Everyone also says Sadaam is manipulative of his people but America is just as bad. When they want something they have a celebrity make a commercial about it. Yes a life without Sadaam would be much better, but solving it with war just doesnít fit. I know that a ďchit chatĒ with some sitting down at a table and talking it over wonít do, but they are mature grown men and been in this world a while already and should know how to solve problems. They got their jobs for a reason and it wasnít to solve problems by overpowering people to go fight for them as a solution.

In conclusion war is an awful thing that can ever take place. I ruins peopleís lives and destroys families. Sometimes it can even cause fights in society such as an Indian color child or parent fight with a White one. In my opinion I think that people should make friends over things like this or ignore it. If Bush wants oil then Sadaam you sell it to him. If you donít want to give