War in the Future

It starts, one silent night, out of the darkness there is a scream. A loud thundering,

repeating it self over and over. Then again silence, this has been repeating over all the

world. They turn to be murders, of powerful computer technology groups or million

dollar agents for military operations disappearing for no reason. What is happening to the

Powerful leaders of this world, they seem to be hiding under every rock, not able to

explain the growth of the Syndicate.

The year is 2055, in the heart of Washington, DC. The government has changed

over the many years, computers control mostly everything and everybody. All high

Government concerns go through one main computer system to find a solution to a problem, or

to tell what the people to do. The people of the world, all now, have a UTOPIA Chip

(Universal Transferred Organic Processing Interface Architecture), implanted in to the brain

after birth. This chip controls major organ control, brain functions, chemical body

control, and a direct control feedback to the main computer system. The person still leads a

normal life, allowing basic human functions as normal, the chip was a backup system, or so was

it. Allowing control to the main computer, will let that person communicate with others all

over the world, and so on. A more advanced Internet, from the past 1900 hundreds.

As time advances, so did technology. The world computer system allowed control

over anyone with the UTOPIA Chips, which was the 95% of the world at these times. The

other 5% was the syndicate’s control.

The Syndicate wanted control of the world. Control over all people, and

the main central computer. The Syndicate was well funded, with technology and weapons

to do what they deemed. The Syndicate also have, what is called, Cryo-agents. These were

advanced UTOPIA controlled people, with cryogenic modifications. Some of the Mods where

increased level of the brain, arms, legs, body, and skin. They were also out fit with high

level weapons, which were advancing every day the syndicate was funded. The Syndicate

were growing in power everyday, the times of control and war were about to begin.

The CEO of the Syndicate, was an individual by the name of Jacob Skinner. A man of

middle age, with some modifications to his body. He did not have a UTOPIA Chip install in

his body. He was retrofitted with cryogenics of a new form of chip, call the Tech-Chip

(Technology Enhanced Control Header). It allowed him to be as normal as any human, with no

restrictions. He had full control of all major computer systems in the world, and control of all

humans with UTOPIA Chips. His brain up-linked to any human mind and control that person

for sometime, doing his biding, but that was not his reason for control. He liked the wars of

control with other countries, and nations. Gaining power was his blood lust. Mr. Skinner was

head of all computer systems, and operations.

Mr. Skinner was very eager to begin his plunder against the world. First head had to

design a group, that could withstand all the elements of war. This was not going to be any war,

where the planet would suffer total destruction. It should stay enticed, with little or no destruction, which
was very under minded.
The group was of 4 people. They were UTOPIA chip controlled military personnel that Mr.
Skinner brought to the lab, under no choice of their own. When they were released from computer control,
it was explained to what was going to happen to them, that they now joined the Syndicate. They were
never to leave again as normal people, but now as completely controlled killing cyborgs. Mr. Skinner sent
them off to begin there reconditioning of their bodies. Mr. Skinner as well started the new retrofit, and
research for their new cryogenic modifications.
Days pasted, and the new members of the Syndicate, were unaware of the new modifications
about to under go on their bodies. Tests of their bodies, to make sure that each could handle the major
cryogenic change. Their memory erased, by removing the central part of the brain for memory functions.
Finally a new UTOPIA chip upgrade for new memory functions, and which