Walter Mitty was a pathetic character because he had no self confidence. He had to make up stuff to be what he wanted. He also let his wife order him around.
His self confidence was so low that he was afraid to stand up for himself. He automaticly assumed everyone was putting him down. He didn’t even try to do things for himself-parking his own car. He didn’t have much confidence in himself.
He daydreamed all the time about what he wanted to be because he didn’t have a very exiteing life. He dreamed he was a doctor, pilot, convict, etc. On acount of his boring life he dreamed of having a realy exiting life.
His wife made him do things that he did not think were necessary, but he did them anyway because he was afraid to stand up for himself. She made him wear his boots and gloves and told him not to sit in a certain chair in the hotel.
Overall Mitty has no self confidence about himself or the way other people look at him. He lets his wife order him around. It is because of these things that he makes up a world were he can be the superhero.