Walt Disney

Walter Elias Disney was born on December 5, 1901 in Chicago,Il. He spent most of his boyhood on a farm in Missouri, and at age 16 he went to Chicago to study art. From 1920-22 he was in Kansas City, Mo,where, under the pioneer animator Ub Iwerks, he made simple cartoon advertisements that were shown in movie theaters. At the age of 22,Walt Disney moved to Los Angeles to open his own cartoon studio,and quickly he discovered that his greatest talent was in the conceiving and creating new images and projects and then directing other people into bringing them to being,although he actully did little of the animation.
In 1924-26 he did his first series--Alice in Cartoonland and Osvald the Rabbit in 1926-28,without gaining much success,but when he introduced Mickey Mouse,the first sound cartoon,in 1928,in Steamboat Willie,he begun to receive serious attention from the public.
Walt Disney was always interested in adopting the latest technology and in 1932 he launched Flowers and Trees,which was the first film af any kind,made in complete Technicolor. From 1929-39, he produced a series of fullcolored animated cartoons,Silly Simphonies,that featured his soon-to-become famous characters,Donald Dock,Goofy,and Pluto. In 1937 he released the first full-length cartoon feature,Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,which brought him enourmous financial and critical success,followed by others, such as Pinocchio(1940),Fantasia
(1940),Dumbo(1941),and Bambi(1942).
During World War II his studio produced educational films for the U.S.Government. After the war,Walt Disney began to produce True-Life Adventures,a series of short films showing unseen close-ups of animals in their natural habitat; his first full-length nature film was The Living Desert(1953). He also began to produce movies with
live actors;his first was Treasure Island (1950),followed by David Crockett(1955)and Mary Poppins
Walt Disney’s contribution to the movie industry was enormous,especially for pioneering the first successful television series for children,where he featured many of his studio’s creations,in 1954. In 1955 driven by a burning desire to educate and entertain children,he opened Disneyland,in Anaheim,Ca.,an amusement park based on his studio’s productions and featuring his cartoon characters.
Walt Disney was greatly admired and honored in his lifetime,with numerous Oscars,-including a special award for Mickey Mouse in 1932 and an honorary degree from Harward University and to this day he remains aknowledged as a true genious of popular entertainment.