Everyone in my family who is old enough to vote, registers, and takes a
privilege in voting, and knowing that their voice counts. That is why everyone
who can vote does vote in every election. Both of my parents have not missed an
election, and don't plan on it.
My family votes neither democratic nor republican, they vote for both.
What I mean by that is that they vote for the best candidate who they think will
get the job done. So they would be considered non-partisan. They go about
picking the candidate based on the qualities of honesty, character, and what the
candidate has accomplished in the past.
There wasn't a basic consensus on the issues they thought were most
important, but there issues they thought were most important, but there issues
all dealt with money. For example my mom thought that federal and state
government needs to be downside and programs need to be cut. While my brother
thought that welfare should be cut. My dad doesn't like his tax dollars wasted,
and my sister doesn't like the military cut backs. So basically my family has
concerns with money and where it goes. Which may affect who they vote for.
However there was a consensus on what affects there voting habits, and
that agent is war. My family felt that war wasn't good, and to end the war they
would do anything. Even if that meant voting out who they voted in. Also if a
candidate wanted military cut backs my family would probably not vote for them.
That is because my family wants the best military in the world.