Voice is heard over the announcer in the command center for NASA:
“This Blue Moon…Do you copy me? We have a situation here”
The commander responds with a quick reply, “Angle Fire here, explain your current condition.”
“Well,……HELP….HELP….FOR THE LOVE OF GOD…..THEY ARE…..” his voice trails off into static.

* * *

A loud repetitive beep sounds; you can hear a muffled voice. Jodi wakes up and then staggers around the room and bangs her hand around on the table. The voices stop. “Dang answering machine!” Jodi murmurs. She heads downstairs and sits at the table, she buries her face in her hands, and in a quick motion she throws half a bagel in the air. Skit, her dog, leaps up to grab it. Getting up, she lifts a box of Wheat Bran; shaking the box she realizes its empty. Her hands move towards a carton of milk and empties it into the near by bowl. In one fluent motion the next box of cereal is poured into the bowl, then it placed at the table. Jodi picks up the spoon and lobs it into the bowl. She starts to inhale the cereal and leave the emptied bowl in the sink. She begins to start up stairs when the answering machine goes off again. The voice of the commander instantly triggered something in her mind. She dove to pick up the phone and greeted the commander while gasping for air. “Hello? Is something wrong Sir?
He sternly replied, “Yes, we have a serious situation down here…we need you to cancel any plans you have over the next month. Your complience is imperative.”
Jodi headed toward the closet, threw on some of her clothes, and hoped into the car. About half way down the street she turned back.
“Dang dog, can’t let you starve, can we?”
The dog titled his head let out a short whimper, she rushed in side and poured the rest of the dog food onto the small bowl in the kitchen. The bowl had been buried in food, it was filled over twenty times more than usually, she leapt into the other room and grabbed her wash bucket and filled it to the brim. Then she hoped back into the car.

By the time that she arrived at the central office she understood that it wasn’t just her that had been called. Her fellow NASA crewmen where standing there with stern faces.
” Mike, Emmy, Dan…” her voice trailed off and she and she got a cool rush threw her body, “I am not quit sure I know who you are. My name is Jodi if you didn’t know.”
The tall slender man with ghost white short hair cleared his throat, “ Hello, my name is Roger, pleased to meet you Judas.”
In frustration she replied, “JODI, geez, Judas sounds like a Muppet from Star Wars, Jodi is my name. What the heck are we here for any who?”
The commander mysteriously appeared from the dark shadows. “Greetings…You have all come her tonight because of a worry we here at NASA have, a few months ago there was an ‘incident’ in on space station ‘Globstein’, it is unknown what happened but the entire crew was lost in space and nothing has been heard of…that is until now.” Every one looked at each other, except Roger, he was intently focused on the speech. “Last week during a hostage situation, the suspect was shot and a things weren’t as they should. The blood that came out was far thicker and when tested it showed to be blood type positive Q, only seen in strange fish and other bizarre creatures. Secret agents Boulder and Fully said this could be the same type that was found on the space vesicles auto responder that was participant in the incident earlier.” Jodi, who was extremely confused said, “Whoa, whoa, whoa, ya confusing me here Commander….are you saying that this man maybe of the same decent of the creature that destroyed the Globstein?”
The rest of the crewmembers just stood there pretending they knew what was going on. All we need is more proof. That is why I called of you today. Since Bill, couldn’t make it the new guy, Mr. Roger, wanted to take his place, and I