Vocabulary 1-40

1. Colony: a body of people living in a new territory.

2. Enrich: to make rich or richer.

3. Export: something exported for trade.

4. Import: something brought in from another country.

5. Navigate: to soil on or through

6. Resent: to feel or exhibit annoyance or indignation at or feel angry.

7. Merchant: a buyer and seller of commodities for profit.

8. Salutary: health giving

9. Neglect: paying no attention.

10. Rural: of the country side.

11. Subsistence: ability to live.

12. Kidnap: carry a person away by illegal force.

13. Diverse: unlike or different.

14. Commercial: having to do with commerce( trade).

15. Port: harbor.

16. Republic: country with representative government.

17. Significant: having a hidden or special meaning

18. Precedent: something said or done that may serve to authorize or justify futher words or act of the same or a smiliar kind.

19. Dissent: difference of opinion

20. Charter: an official document granting rights or privileges from a sovereign or a governing body.

21. Compact: agreement

22. Debt: trepass

23. Artisan: a skilled manual worker

24. Demonstrate: to show clearly( participate in a procession).

25. Protest: show strong opposition.

26. Assembly: meeting

27. Collective: relating to group or denoting a group of individuals considered as a whole.

28. Impose: to establish or apply by authority

29. Massacre: the killing of many persons under cruel or atrociaus circumstances.

30. Tension: the act of straining or strectching

31. Clash: a hostile encounter.

32. Riot: participate in an uprising.

33. Cargo: the goods caried in a ship, airplane or vehicle

34. Intolerable: unacceptable

35. Quarters: a place of lodigings or residence

36. Martial: related to the military

37. Milita: a part of the organized armed forces of a country liable to call only in emergency.

38. Disarm: to take arms or weapons form.

39. Smith: a worker in metals, blacksmith

40. Pamphlet: unbound booklet or an unbound printed publication.

Pg#71 Chapter 5

A month before my scheduled departure, however, i got a call from wetzler saying there\'d been a change in plans: Rob Hall had offered the magazine a significantly better deal, so wetzler proposed that i join the adventure consultants expedition instead of fischer\'s. i knew and liked fisher, and i didnt know much about Hall at that point, so i was initially reluctant. But a trusted climbing buddy confirmed Hall\'s sterling reputation, i enthusiastically agreed to go to everst with adventure consultants.

One afternoon in base camp i asked hall why he\'d been so eager to have me along. he candidly explained that it wasn\'t me he was actually interested in, or even the publicity he hoped my article would generate, particularly. what was so enticing was the bounty of valuable advertising he would reap from the deal he struck with outside.

Hall told me that according to the terms of this arrangement, he\'d agreed to accept only $10,000 of his usual fee in cash: the balance would be bartered for expensive ad space in the magazine, which targeted an upscale, adventurous, physically active audience-the core of his client base. and most important, hall said," it\'s an american audience. probably eighty or ninety percent of the potential market for guided expeditions to everest and the other seven summits is in the united states. after this season, when my mate scott has established himself as an everest guide, he\'ll have a great advantage over adventure consultants simply because he\'s based in america. to compete with him we\'ll have to step up our advertising there significantly."

In january, when fischer found out that hall had won me away from his team, he was apoplectic. he called me from colorado, as upset as i\'d ever heard him, to insist that he wasn\'t about to concede victory to hall. (like hall, fischer didn\'t bother trying to hide the fact that it wasn\'t me he was interested in, but rather the collateral pubicity and advertising.) in the end, howeer, he was unwilling to match hall\'s offer to the magazine.

When I arrived in base camp as a member of the adventure consultants group, not fisher\'s mountain madness expedition, scott didnt appear to hold a grudge. when i went down to his camp to visit he poured me a mug of coffee, put an arm around my shoulder, and seemed genuinely happy to see me.

Despite the many trappings of civilzation at base camp , there was no ofrgetting that we were more than