Violence In The Media

I think that the violence in the media isnít that bad when it comes to what happens
in the real world. I think that if a TV company wants to make a show about violence and
whatever then itís their business. The thing is that the company can do what it wants and
how it wants. I think that the violence in TV and other media is just a reflection of what is
really happening in the world.
I think that the media is not trying to make people bad itís just showing the inside
of people. We all have this evil thing inside ourselves the thing is that we have to keep it
in check and not let it go too far. If the people donít take it too far then things would be
OK, but the people take the movies and newspapers too far and make it real. If the kids
that watch the violent shows know the difference between real and make-believe then
there is no problem to watch but if they donít then they have a problem because when they
get bigger they do the things that they saw.
If the people watch, reading, or listening to the show that is violent and they think
itís too rough or too violent then they should just change to channel. I think that freedom
to watch whatever they want is an important freedom and nobody is to take that away
from anybody else. It isnít even the fact of too much violence but how much is too much,
because who is to decide what is too much violence to me. I think that if parents think
shows are too violent for kids then donít let them watch it, but if parents think its OK or
donít care then let the kids watch, they wonít be too stupid or bad.
If the violence in the media is too big for some parents to restrain from their
children then I think that the problem is with the restrictions of the parents and not the
violence. If their is no channel on TV for a child to watch then the parents have to loosen
up because they are being too stiff. The child will turn out to be either a physco or a little
sisse because he wonít stand up for himself. I think that kids that can tell the difference
between real and make-believe they should be able to decide what to watch.
I think that the violence in the media is just that authors way of relieving tension. I
think that it is a good think that people can take their problems out by playing violent
video games because it is better then killing real people. If a person take film too far itís
not the authors fault he didnít want the person to go out and kill a person or massacre
someone, ect... The bottom line is that if a person is unstable then they shouldnít watch
violent TV because it does get intense but the good thing is itís not real.