It is said when a man is in good health, he takes it for granted. But when he loses it, that's the time he
realizes the importance of having a good physical condition. This is true in all aspects of life - whether you
are a child or adult, student or executive, you need your body to be healthy.
The human body is a delicate balance of many vital systems linked to each other. Once the balance is
upset, every system suffers. When the body gets sick, the mind is affected. What is the use of a great mind
if the body is weak? None. Even if the mind is willing, the body is weak.
Education is a process of teaching the youth and infusing them with knowledge. It aims to prepare young
people to be functioning members of society. But education dos not merely stimulate the mind, but also the
body. Most educators realized that students need to have both sound minds and bodies, hence all schools
are required to teach "Physical Education and Health". However, schooling can be quite brutal. Students
faced pressures and stress all around. To successfully combat these pressures, having a healthy body is a
A sickly student can hardly withstand the rigors of school. He cannot participate in physical activities and
may not be able to attend his classes. Even how brilliant his mind may be, it is useless if physical condition
is weak. Such is the importance of maintaining good health in school.
Health is Wealth, especially during these modern times. But health is more important that wealth. When
wealth is lost, nothing is lost. But when health is lost, everything is lost. This applies in particular to
education where the value of physical condition cannot be underestimated.