U.S. Enters World War I...

Title of Paper : The U.S. enters WWI
Grade Received on Report : 92%

The Americans were amazed by the outbreak of World War I, despite the fact that they had witnessed
underlying causes for years. Some of the causes were the international competition for colonies, markets
and the war for weapon supremacy.

World War I was a war that the United States wanted desperately to avoid but their involvement seemed
inevitable. In 1914 the U.S. was engaged in a revolution with Mexico but the actions of the Germans were
cause for great concern. The aggressive position and actions the Germans were taking in the British Isles
seemed to foretell that U.S. participation in this war was all but a foregone conclusion.

Germany made their biggest mistake when one of their V-Boats sunk the British ship Lusitania. This
luxurious passenger ship left New York carrying more than twelve hundred civilian passengers. On May 7,
the submarine V-20 launched torpedoes in an unprovoked attack, sinking the Lusitania off the coast of
Ireland. This horrible act of war killed 1,198 civilians, including 128 Americans. President Wilson
furiously commented on the action, calling it a "…brutal attack on innocent people." Such an act could not
go unanswered by the United States.

In February of 1917, Germany declared unrestricted warfare on submarines. They stated that all sea going
vessels; belligerent, neutral, warships or merchant, all would be attacked if they dared to enter Germany\'s
decreed "war zones". Upon hearing this, President Wilson addressed Congress. On April 2, 1917, he
explained that Germany had violated the freedom of the seas, disrupted commerce and had violated many
other international rights and freedoms. Claiming that "the world must be safe for democracy", the
Congress formally declared war by an overwhelming vote of 373 to 50 in the House and 82 to 6 in the
Senate. Thus the United States of America entered World War I.