Urban Choas

Urban Chaos was a Computer game I had to research. The name of the game is Urban Chaos its located somewhere in Union City but really I got it from a computer game store.

Urban Chaos is an all about a cop named Darsi who is a cop which has just entered the Union City police academy. Shes a most outstanding officer who has the skills of the unlike. The game has clips to it. The first clip is an ancient prophet who prophesizes that a big gang named the Wild cats would lead to spiritual killing and tat the one who has the heart the hope and right mind to justice will prevail their fall. Obviously its Darcy. Darcy is a female of martial arts and outstanding marksmanship. Firstly she begins a rookie and hits the streets. She handles problems like theft and robbers easily and that then she moves on to bigger things she arrests bosses and blows up places of machine gunnery . Then Darcy moves on to bigger things she is now a professional she does things like stops the wild cats from blowing p the police academy and extra. In the end she kills the leader and the problems all solve.

The positive images giving and issued was that Darcy at one stage speaks calmly to a person who is about to jump off a building saying that shell get him a job at the police Academy and he agrees and sees that life is worth living so he decides to come down.