Unusual Characters

Feb. 12 2004

ENG 101

Some unusual characters live in my neighborhood, but only one of them takes the title of

most unusual of all Mr. Lincoln. Mr. Lincoln is a very strange and kind of vintage man;

he comes out of his house everyday with a 18th Century outfit. He also speaks of the past

century, and where is the human race heading in the world. Mr. Lincoln also is a good

and innocent man; I had many chances to speak to him and would share the following.

People in the neighborhood gave him the name of Mr. Lincoln; because of his outfit he

wore everyday. It is a black and white suit maybe from the 18th Century, and he wore

this like the world around him has not change. He had a black high top hat, and walk

around the streets with a black cane. He also wore white gloves, and a long trench coat.

He was a really good dresser, and knew how to make it look good. Some of us would ask

him “were can we find some clothes like that” and he would responded “only where I

have been”. But from where he came from, who knows

Mr. Lincoln also spends the days walking up and down the streets talking to him-self

most of the time. He would also stop and chat with some of us in the park, and talk about

the good all days he had as a young man. He spoke about he’s first love, his jobs as a

banker, his family, and his big mansion up in the hills. I ask him one day “where has all

that gone” and he reply to me time has trick me here. Mr. Lincoln likes to feed the birds

in the park, and would also invite the pigeons to feed from his hand. He plays with the

kids, even dough they make fun of him but always stays with the sense of humor he

almost every time has.

Mr. Lincoln Always said to us, that the world is loosing its way of fashion. That today’s

fashion would doom the world and the generation to come. Mr. Lincoln believes that

today’s fashion destroys the brain, allowing the evils to invade ones body and soul. He

tells us too look up to him for style and how to live life. That he has had a good and

prospect journey, and has enjoyed the wonderful things life gives to a human being. He

would never change the way he is, just because time has change. Not him he always


Well Mr. Lincoln is a very unusual character if you ever had the chance to meet him. He

past away 4 years ago and we all miss him around this neighborhood. We know he was

mentally ill, but who knows for exactly maybe that was his way to escape the bad things

in life. But whatever it was he was trying to escape, he did and he did it in a fashion way.