Underground nuclear testing, is a major issue here in the United States, and is sighted by the Light Party, and Green Peace, {two environmentalist groups that are similar in views}, as being wrong, and highly harmful. They say that these test sites are not only radioactive, which they undoubtedly are, but have spread nuclear fallout throughout the world, and have cause huge disturbances in tectonic plate movement. On the other hand, the DOE {Department of Energy}, and some scientists say, their testing has spread that there is no way to be sure that fallout, and tectonic plate movement is in no way interrupted.
The Light Party and Green Peace say that they have proof of that their accusations are true, but so far no evidence has been provided to any government official. They also say that in China, radiation levels are double what they should be, and earthquake activity has increased, since the U.S. has started testing weapons over forty kilotons. Supposedly volcanic activity has doubled on account of these tests, and here in the U.S., along the New Madrid fault, quakes are occurring more often. Records show that in last May alone, Dysberg Missouri, Camden Tennessee, and in the eastern part of Oklahoma, quakes shook the ground ranging is size from 2.5 to a 3.1 on the Richter scale.
Apparently these parties have an alternative plan for the government. They say it that a facility allowing for nuclear testing, that could be reused, and contained all nuclear waste, with thick protector plates to prevent sub-sonic waves from reaching tectonic plates, could be designed and built by the year 2005, if started now.
Helen Caldicot, the author of Nuclear Madness, who is also a member of the Light Party, says that certain areas in New Mexico could be used for testing sites, if one of the facilities {described above} was put into use. As a physician, she has studied the effects of fallout on people in Chernobyl, and Hiroshima. Her findings are recorded in the book Nuclear Madness, and show that radiation levels are higher than ever before, and are the main cause of cancer, leukemia, and some liver problems.
Statements released by the DOE, have said that their findings show no evidence that their testing has caused this entire disturbance in the environment, and that the accusations made by the conflicting parties, is merely a plea for attention. They say that the type of facility suggested by these parties is unheard of. Ronald Beck, former chief commander of the second division of nuclear weapon development said " The tests that are conducted by the United States, are safe for the environment, and have no effect on tectonic movement, or disturbance, and are not linked to any disease." He did admit that former unsafe tests had been conducted, and their effects were classified, but to his knowledge, all tests conducted from the time he took control till now, have been totally safe.
Dr. Fred Dunnebier of the University of Hawaii, said " the amount of energy in plate movement and heat in the earth is about 10^28 ergs. One of the blasts conducted at Bikini Atoll in 1986 was 10^19, or about one-tenth the magnitude of a large plate movement. So it seems to me, that it is highly unlikely that the earth even notices that nuclear tests are being conducted."
So it seems the issue of Underground Nuclear Testing, will never be solved, and the environmentalists that are concerned, may never get a straight answer from the government. Also, the government may never hear the end of constant badgering from these environmentalist parties. For now, nuclear testing rages on, and the fight to stop it rages with it.