Under the Influence of Alcohol

October 20, 2003

Classification is the process by which members of a large group are categorized

on the basis of a single principle. One thing we can classify in a smaller group is the

drivers that we drive with everyday. We can classify poor drivers into three categories.

These categories consist of old people, cell phone users and people under the influence of


Even though most drivers at older ages drive safely a high number are at high risk

for being involved in crashes, including fatal ones than any other group except men under

the age of twenty-five? As a person gets older it seems that there driving record gets

worse and also there visual processing. The ability for them to see, comprehend, and

react isnít the same as there younger years. Thatís why we have those old folks, who

drive thirty miles an hour in a fifty-five that frustrates the driver behind them. In some

cases, the slow driver will pull over and allow the car behind them to pass. Others seem

to enjoy making especially teen drivers drive slow. In there point of view they arenít

doing anything wrong. They think that they are the ones being safe and all teen age

drivers are the dangerous ones.

Second, the use of cell phones while driving. More than 85 percent of the 100

million cell-phone subscribers regularly talk on the phone while driving. (Cell Phones

and Driving) When most people talk on there cell phone, they are not paying attention to

the road. They are either trying to dial a number or arguing with the person on the other

line, which has caused more and more accidents each year. They are putting not only

them-selves in danger but also other drivers and pedestrians. Many states as New York

have passed laws banning the use of hand-held cellular phones while driving. If caught

breaking this law, big fines are given.

Third are the drivers under the influence of alcohol. Alcohol is a drug that slows

down the nervous system. When someone is drinking it slows down there reaction time

as when people age. When drinking and driving you can not drive a vehicle safely.

Alcohol slows down your ability to perform the certain tasks that you need to pay

attention. It is a fact that 41,821 people were killed in traffic crashes in the year two-

thousand. Sixteen thousand, six-hundred and fifty-three of these fatalities were a result of

alcohol. Two-thousand, three-hundred and thirty-nine youths died in alcohol-related

crashes. To many people are dieing in accidents related to alcohol. People need to stay

safe and not drink and drive. It is illegal and people still do it.