“Uncle Sam wants you.” Imagine hearing that or seeing such articles. This is only one of the millions of pieces of propaganda putout by the U.S. army, during World War II. Others were spoken some were acted out, but all caught the eyes of the people.
While the U.S. were persuading young men to join the army. The Germans were trying to take over the world piece by piece. They used such tacdicts, as telling the people that certain ethnic groups, races, and anything that looked out of the ordinary were bad and the Germans did not need them. They were words that spoke out of the mouths of all SS agents and Nazi.
On U.S. soil are armies were being trained as others came in, until one day Japan bombed us. This created many rumors. Our forces entered the war. While our congress created many problems for any Japan resident they told people that no one of this race was able to be trusted so are country did what the thought they needed to and put them in concentration camps, were they could not hurt anyone. This created nothing but a problem all that followed this was the hate that the U.S. have for them and what they have for us.
In Germany people were being brained washed in many ways. Into thinking that all Jews and other minorities were out to take the jobs and money away from the German people. They used all types of billboards, posting things in the newspaper, and spreading things by word. Many people believed these things, and joined groups rebelling against all the minorities. These people caused Kaous for many of years, many deaths came from this ignorance and many families were unable to reunite with one another. All the people who believed these slogans were blinded by their own ignorance.
In this world where ignorance turns to violence. There is no need for negative propaganda toward certain groups or races. Because some person is going to take their anger out on the certain group. This could conclude in death of a group or even a nation, only time will tell.