Tyranny No More

Luke Hiatt
History pd2

Fellow colonists, most of you are aware of how the king is abusing his power and treating us unfairly. Should Britain have full control of or colonies or should we break free of his tyranny that king George has enslaved on us threw these times. I think we should free ourselves of these hardships, and become our own country.

King George and Britain had no sympathy to the needs of we colonists. All they want is to get all the wealth out of us as they can, is this fair? No they tax us unfairly. Court system is unfair as well. Does Britain help us get our land to where it is now? Yes without a doubt they were a good source of stability. There army is ruthless and we donít have one but where there is a will there a way and I think with the will someday we can break this tie with are sovereign.

Britain is a country out for one thing and one thing only. Not to be are friend or neighbor. But to take what is rightfully ours. Stomping into are houses and using are beds and treating us like where there slaves, no respect to us. They didnít have the guts to come over to this territory and settle it. They just sat over at Britain and sipped on tea and made us come over to this hellhole and settle it for them. They think there gonna get are country, not without a fight lobster backs.

We would not have this beautiful country without the help of King George. But it is time to break are tie with them. Become are own country. To have freedom from Britain. Were not a group of colonies any more. Where becoming a country! We will have freedom from the Tyrant if not we will die trying