There are many problems with TV. One of the biggest problems is TV violence. But is it really a problem? Violence makes a television show not just good, but great. It all comes down to the action scenes. No one wants to watch movies or TV shows about something thatís has no struggle. Violence makes things thrilling, frightening, and exciting. So whatís the problem?
The typical single adult doesnít mind the violence. He, just like everyone else, thinks the TV is more entertaining to watch when there is violence. Itís those parents. Parents have one of the toughest jobs in the world  raising their children. But what is the proper way to raise children? Unfortunately, there is no real answer. But one thing is definite: parents are timid when it comes to letting their children watch violent TV shows. Itís not the television violence thatís the problem; itís how the society feels about what they see thatís the problem.
Differentiating fiction from reality is a skill that many people take for granted. As a young mind is growing and developing, this skill, the ability to know fiction from reality, good from bad, and right from wrong, needs to be mastered. Hereís where the parenting comes in. I feel the best way to raise a child around this subject is to let him watch all the violence he wants, but to talk to him and to remind him that itís just a show and that the violence he sees is wrong. To get rid of all the TV related real life violence parents, teachers, and counselors, need to stress over and over again how bad TV violence is and how none of what was seen on TV was actually real, but rather fake, fiction, made up.
So as I finish this up Iíd like you to think about what the real problem with TV violence is. I feel the way to stop the related TV violence is through education and understanding. If this is done, many TV violent related scenes would never occur.