TV influencing society

Imagine that you are at school and your principal calls you to the office to give tou a message. The message was to go home because something bad has happened at your house. When you go home your parents tell you that little Johnny has died in a serious car accident. The police reports come to show that there were major skid marks depicting 180’s, high speed stops and burnouts near the scene of the accident, this all leads to the belief that he has learned these dangerous maneuvers from either television or movies. This is what this world has come to, society following what they see and hear on mass media. Should certain things that you commonly see and hear in mass media be filtered?

Throughout the technological era, there have been many accounts of deaths and injuries due to mass media and their effects on the minds of people in society. There also have been accounts that rap music affects the mental ability of people. There have also been accounts on the amount of obscene language and images on television, radio and movies can affect the mind of the common citizen. The fact of music, television and movies can change how society thinks and behaves.

Television has played a major role in affecting the minds of society through the amount of obscene words and images. A show such as NYPD Blue depicts images that are vile and repugnant and should not be shown on television. Television programs such as Southpark have jokes that discriminate against many world religions and nationalities. Many analysits and psychologists have deemed these shows as obscene and degrading to society because of bad language and scenes of intense violence. I agree with these beliefs because society in America has become vulgar and rude, language that was unacceptable a couple years ago has now moved its way to normal and customary to its part in life.

Today, rap music has been deemed as a deterent to society and how it degrades the minds of people. The offbeat of rap mixed with the random mix of words leads to the fall of society. When people resort to the use of heavy beats and rhymed words that do not fit in context with the themes of sex, drugs, guns, and meaningless killings is what I believe makes society unstable. The use of vulgar language in my opinion lowers the reasoning ability of people because they rely on those multipurpose words to describe situations and that the only the low ends of society actually use vulgar language.

Movies on the otherhand are a bad influence to society because of the stunts and special effects that are done by professionals. This country is the number one producer of action movies every year. To achieve good action movies, there needs to be numerous explosions, stunts, guns and car chases. This can leads to major problems in my opinion, it seems as if every movie today needs a warning displaying “Professional stunts- do not attempt at home.”