I am writing to advise the company on suitable options for a program, from which the company can make itís decision.

Custom Built
This software that can be designed to excellently suit the companyís requirement for a program to boost operations. If the company can afford to have a software designer to design a program suitable for their operations will be an excellent idea. The company will have to take reasonable steps towards the decision with the following factors put into consideration before the final decision is taken.

The program will cover all areas from cost, schedule, staff roaster, management, and customer service.

This program will be the most suitable choice in the sense that it will be easier to use for the staff (when trained in due course of completion of the software), it will meet up to requirement of the company and will be a great challenge to other competing companies as the program will be unique and customer friendly.


The program as earlier stated will be the best to the company, but only if the company is willing to embark on this decision. This decision might experience the problem of time, as the program has to be designed over a long period of time, which of course will cover designing and testing before it is ready for use. Secondly, the cost of designing this particular program will be more expensive. Thirdly, cost of staff training in order to enable them use the program effectively. Fourthly, the cost of long-term maintenance and review of the program. Finally, the compatibility with other existing software.

Tailor Made

This is the next available option. The company can have a software developer to develop a program from an existing software application (i.e. either Microsoft excel or Microsoft access). This can also be suitable for the company to use but might not necessarily meet up to their requirement.


It can possibly suit the requirement of the company if developed properly. It is also cheaper than the custom built.


It might not perfectly meet up to the requirement of the company; I must also add here that it will be expensive but not as expensive as the custom built.

Off the shelf

This mainly deals with spreadsheets that can be managed by the company for itís operations and will also serve the companyís needs but not as good as the custom built and the tailor made because itís abilities are limited.


It is both cheap and easy to use.


As earlier stated might meet up to the requirement but with certain limitations.