Transcendentalism essay

English 3


The romantic hero that I would choose would be, Hawk-Eye from The Last of the Mohicans. He would best fit the “Romantic Hero” because of his love for nature and his culture, and belief in self-reliance. It is easy to tell that he is all of those, because he is an adopted son of the Mohicans, yet he keeps his traditions true and his love for nature and his surroundings. Hawk-Eye is best fitted as a romantic hero because of his love for nature, and his culture and his belief in self-reliance.

In the novel, The Last of the Mohicans Hawk-Eye is the adopted son of Uncas who is the leader of the Mohicans. Even though Hawk-Eye is not a true Mohican, he still respects the culture and beliefs of his tribe. His mission is to help preserve his tribe but he comes into a side quest by needing to help some British Colonists return to Fort Henry. This fact disproves the fact that to be self reliant, you need to be selfish. He has lived and worked by himself, and can still find the time and effort to help others.

He is also adapted to nature because in the last few moments of the novel, he runs up the mountain while following Magua and his band of Huron warriors and notices a mark left by one of the girls on a nearby plant. He is always aware of what is happening to him and his surroundings. In the beginning they come across a battle torn fort and decides not to bury the bodies of the dead British or else Magua will know they passed by, Alice later understands and they move on.

In the middle of the book, he disproves the selfish belief in self-reliance. He disobeys Colonel Munroe and helps some settlers return home to their families. He faces the consequences that Munroe gives him but Munroe later reconsiders because of his good deeds that he did for Alice, Cora, and Duncan. Even though Duncan turns on Hawk-Eye, he does not seek revenge on him and whatever he did for them, he does not want anything in return.

He is also a romantic hero because of his connection to nature. He is like Thoreau in a sense because he likes to stay away from civilization and to interact with nature and watching ants battle each other for superiority. He is always tranquil no matter what the situation is except for the last battle to gain revenge.