Training Continued

-The Romans were trained in swimming also, incase there were destroyed bridges or rising rivers. The Romans were trained for any weather and condition. When the Romans walked in training they would carry bags of supplies with them to simulate what would happen in battle with all their heavy living supplies and other things that they would carry with them.

Sword Training

- Roman soldiers practiced sword combat with wooden swords that were twice as heavy as common ones. The reason for this was that when they started to carry the common swords they were much lighter and this helped them to act with greater accuracy and force at times of action. A soldier was taught to practice with both the sword and shield. He was also taught the proper way to advance, retire, and take every advantage of his opponent.

Bow, Sling and Javelin

- A young soldier was also taught the skills of using bow, sling, and javelin. When being trained in the use of javelin they were instructed to cast them with proper aim and force. The javelins used for practice were heavier than the javelins used in battle. Javelins were extremely useful in battle and each soldier typically carried five of them in the hollow of his shield. These skills could only be acquired with daily practice. New soldiers were also taught how to throw stones by hand and with a sling. They were taught how to throw because the sling was not a burden to carry and it could be extremely useful in some battles. Stones were useful because they kill without mangling the body and the wound was fatal without loss of blood. About a third to a fourth of the youngest and fittest soldiers were also trained in the use of bows and arrows.

Uniforms and Equipment

-The Roman soldiers wore leather sandals on their feet. They also carried a sword (a gladius), a shield, 5 javelins and a dagger for close fighting. A group of soldiers sometimes joined together by making a tortoise shape with their shields. They wore a wool tunic and leather breeches around their legs and they wore shoulder plates to shield their shoulders. A roman shield (scutum) was curved to fit around the body and their helmet was made of bronze to protect their heads.



-The Catapult gave the Romans a advantage over there enemies as they could hold a siege at a fort and place the catapults for maximum efficiency and destroy the enemy which did not surrender. The Catapult was taken from the Greeks and so they got some Greek workers to build them.


-The tortoise is when the soldiers gathered up in a formation and put shields on either sides of you. This protected the Romans from getting hit on the sides or from above by enemy weapons.


-In conclusion the Roman army was by far the best and most advanced of its time because of its tactics and its ruthless training.