Too Much Power Corrupts Our Minds, Souls, and Society

Animal Farm illustrates how communist leaders of todays world with too much power often corrupt themselves and our society. In Animal Farm it is called animalism. Leaders in Animal Farm who have exceeded their need for power. The pigs tyrannized over the animals in the end. At first communism always seems fair and equal. In the end the results will always be the same, the leaders will hunger and thirst for more power.

Unjust leaders in communism, very often turn into dictators. In the story Animal Farm, the beginning everything was dictated by Jones. He was a cruel dictator. “Man is the only creature that consumes without producing.”was stated by Old Major. He was a visionary for Animal Farm, he inspired the Rebellion. The animals lead by the pigs made the Rebellion. After they rebelled, the pigs and animals strode for equality and freedom from dictatorship. The pigs were good leaders in the beginning. As the pigs had power, they were hungry for more. Napoleon was an especially greedy pig that hungered for power. He appointed himself president of Animal Farm. Napoleon became a dictator. He took all benefits, and leaving all the work to the other animals.

In Animal Farm Napoleon exiled Snowball off the farm, thus leaving him all the power of Animal Farm. Napoleon had the help of his dogs. Those dogs were known as the KGB in Russia. Those dogs were taken by Napoleon at birth. They were brainwashed by Napoleon. Napoleon had Snowball exiled from Animal Farm with the help of his dogs. In communism they intimidate people with their military power. Stalin used this technique when he started using the KGB. The power was getting to Napoleon. He was addicted to power, as an alcoholic is addicted to alcohol. Napoleon broke one of the commandments, when he ordered the dogs to kill the animals that had supposedly betrayed him. He used his power and his authority to his advantage, when he convinced the other animals that the animal executions were justified. Napoleon put other people out o his way or more power.

Unjust leaders often use their power and authority to get what they want. Napoleon made trades with humans for whiskey. Napoleon had to sell Boxer to the knackers to get money or the whiskey. He had done all this behind the other animals backs. Benjamin had seen and understood what had really happened to Boxer. Napoleon ordered Squealer to convince all the animals that Boxer was actually going to the veterinarian, whose sign was originally was the knackers, but did not have enough time to repaint it. With Boxers money and money from the chicken eggs Napoleon had ordered whiskey. Squealer had also changed the commandments so that Napoleon could drink whiskey. Squealer had also convinced the other animals that it was okay to drink whiskey.

In conclusion Napoleon and his historical parallel Stalin abused their power and take advantage of and deliberately mislead others. Bad leaders mostly have turned into dictators. They do anything to get more power. Unjust leaders often use their power and authority to get what they want. Today in this world, power corrupts with the use of communism. For a Utopia society, we must spread the power equally among the people.