Life is full of choices. Thousands of decisions are made within the duration of one day. Decisions that have easy choices such as, "What shall I wear today?", or more thought out ones like, "Which University should I apply to?" Every decision we make and every action we take will have an affect on the way we live our lives and the outcome of our future.
In order to live life to its fullest one should set personal goals to achieve all that one wishes for. The goals that I have set for this year include: being better prepared for tests, coming to class ready and willing to learn and participate in school activities such as the spring fashion show, badminton and soccer. I will try to continue to have a positive attitude at my part-time job and make sure that my homework is completed before I go to work. I also want to be more conscientious when it comes to spending my money.
The hardest decision that I will have to make will be deciding what post-secondary institution to attend. Living in this decade has opened many career opportunities, especially for women. It is hard to conceive of all of the job fields that are available. Sometimes I wish that life could be as simple as when you only had one choice of staying home and raising children. When you are a child, you are told that you can be anything that you want. Your elders never tell you the cost for schooling and the hard work entailed. They never tell you that you will have to give up your social life and dedicate all of your time to studying. By the time you realize this, your study habits and attention span are still at the same level when you had planted that dream. Many teens find it hard facing reality since they live in a world of countless hours of television watching and radio listening. The above basically describes what I am currently facing. Presently my main goal is to select an occupation that I am interested in and can see myself doing everyday for the rest of my life and will look forward to going to in the morning. I want to find what I am passionate about and make a career out of it. But my fear is that I will choose something and later find out that it is not exactly what I had in mind and realize that I wasted my money on years of schooling. That is a risk that I must be willing to take.
We didn't just spontaneously appear on this earth, there is a reason for our existence, a purpose for our lives. We must be willing to take risks and take roads less travelled to achieve our purpose.