Tom Sawyer

What is a hero? I think a hero is someone who is brave. A hero must be able to do things other people would be afraid to do. Also, I hero must be willing to put others before himself. He must be able to make good decisions, even if they are not beneficial for himself. When thinking about this, I can conclude that Tom Sawyer is a hero. Many times was he brave and courageous. Also, he would put others before himself. When situations got tough, he could pull through. Lastly, he was able to convince people of his ways and think creatively.

Tom Sawyer was brave many times. His bravery showed up more often then anyone else’s. For example, one time that he was brave was when they were in the graveyard. Most people would have run just seeing the light, but he stayed and witnessed the murder, which saved Muff Potter’s life in the end. Another time he was brave was when he and Becky were lost in the cave. He kept searching, and eventually found a way out. Also, Tom had the courage to try and get into “Number Two” at the tavern. Most people would have just given up when they found out it was that hard. Tom’s bravery was a very important role in this story.

As well as being brave, Tom had the ability to put others before himself. Although he could sometimes be selfish, when it mattered he could put others before himself. For instance, when he was lost in the cave and sharing his cake with Becky, he willingly gave her three quarters of the cake, and only took one. Another time, when him and his friends went off pirating, he knew Aunt Polly would be worried so he planned a note to give her. Although he never did, most people would even go as far as thinking about her. Also, he testified and proved Muff innocent, even though he knew Injun Joe would try to murder him. One last time that he was selfless was when he took Becky’s punishment most people wouldn’t take someone else’s whipping just for their sake. Those are some of the many selfless acts of Tom Sawyer.

Not only is Tom Sawyer selfless, but he is a very creative thinker. For example, he thought of sewing his collar back up so Aunt Polly would think he didn’t go swimming. Also, he thought up going to their own funeral as a good entrance back into town. One of the main reasons why Tom is so bright is that he reads a lot. Many times, the play games by the book, such as Robin Hood, and Tom knows exactly what to do, unlike the other boys. Lastly, when he and Becky were stuck in the cave he knew to use the kite string to make sure he didn’t get lost. Tom’s creativity made him one of the brightest people of his day.

In conclusion, Tom Sawyer is definitely a hero. His courage was one to be doubled, and his creativity is hard to come by. When things get tough, he would always pull through. He would make the right decisions, such as saving Muff Potter, and exploring the cave. He was very generous, sharing his things and giving to others. Although he could get headstrong at times, it was never really bad and he wouldn’t get too selfish. All in all, Tom Sawyer is someone I would definitely call a hero.