Tom Green Vs. Cheech Maron

Tom Green is the type of guy who probably got kicked out of class all the time.
Teachers, Principal, and administrators knew his name. The guy who was never taken
Tom Green is a male Stefanie. The reason being, in comparison, both are hyper,
crazy, and love to make other laugh and just straight out have a good time. Tom is
guaranteed to make people laugh and take his show to the extreme. From particle jokes to
crazy pranks pulled, to candid cameras and cruel humor. ( clean humor) No one is hurt
while the camera is rolling, with the exception of Tom. a good time
Little Rascals is a kind of movie that has a cute humor to me. In the movie, it’s
based on young kids, between the ages of 6 and 8 years old, who try and accomplish
deeds that great of adults. There always getting held back one way or another. For
example, when Alfalfa tries to be romantic with Darla, the gang always seems to catch
him in the act. So the gang gives him consequences since their club is the “he man
women haters”, so his punishment was to sleep at the club house that was burned down to
a crisp, out in a storm, and had to watch it. Thinking there were monsters, and bum’s out
there to get him, unable to sleep, all for the love of Darla. Another situation would be
when Buckwheat was sent to call the fire department for when the club house was burnt
down, and when he finally went to the phone booth, he didn’t’ know the number, and
questioned “what’s the number for 911?” And left..
“I’m pretty” is a song that is from T.L.C’s latest release. The song talks about,
Society, how it has changed and how girls will do any type of reconstruction to their body
just to look “better”. This topic really opens peoples eyes in the song. As you listen to it,
you will finally/if not already notice how todays women are doing any type of surgery
for some attention, and “love” from another. If you look good, you will be accepted in
society, for being so pretty. But the pretty really counts inside if you think about it. To
some it is all about what size of bust, waist, or hips you got, wheter you got it “going on”
or not. This topic is really effecting teens in todays world. Stereotyping the look is what
it’s all about. Sadly it is true, but I feel the song will help others notice what is really up
with our selves today. The song “I’m pretty” is a sum what depressing/stimulating song.
Depending on how you take it. Whether you take it in a way as “ wow, I finally noticed
that society is really putting thoughts into teens heads today”, or if you take it “wow, that
is true, why did I do that” which will put you in a state of some what depression to me.
A comedian that I adore is Cheech Maron. He was considered a lower part of
society. He may have turned others way of thinking by what he has accomplished. I
honestly don’t know how he started, but I have heard of the rumors that went around
about him. In some way Chris Rock and Cheech Maron may have in common, the racial
slurs, the put downs of his career, and acting career. Only because of the others who had
something against where they came from. To me, he is so funny because he does
represent what he is thought to be which is “a low social rate in society”. He takes a part
of the 80’s when marijuana was a major factor in that time line. In a couple of the movies,
he starred in, he makes a joke about illegal aliens crossing the border of Mexico, and
which he is helping them. And is trying very hard to become an American citizen.
Even today he is still going at his career. Do you rarely see him, yet he is still
keeping up there, showing them who’s in town!

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