To Kill a Mockingbird

The people you live with and associate with can change your life in a matter of minutes. Jem

and Scout Finch believed this after many personal accounts in Maycomb County. Jem and

Scout come across horrifying and wonderful experiences. They learn how to deal with and

adjust properly to life in Maycomb. Jem and Scout have a number of encounters through

the novel that give them a whole different outlook on life and a change in their views of


Jem and Scout come across rude people in this novel, as well as kind and caring people.

Ms. Dubose was extremely cruel to the children. She would yell at Jem and Scout as

they were walking by her house, such as the time she said “Not only a Finch waiting on

tables, but one in a courthouse lawing for niggers.” Ms. Dubose was referring to Atticus

Finch. Ms. Dubose was trying to make a point at how stupid Atticus was for defending a

black person. Jem and Scout were hurt by Ms. Duboses’ remark against their father.

Another incident that occurred was when Nathan Radley cemented up the childrens

treasure tree. Mr. Radley told Jem and Scout that the tree was dying. He lied.

Jem and Scout found that this misjudged man was not hateful but,

kept to himself. Realization of life from both sides of good and bad are shown to Jem and

Scout in Maycomb. In life, there is always evil, but there is also kindness and happiness, this

comforts Jem and Scout.

When Ms. Maudies house burnt down, Boo Radley covered Scout with a woolen

blanket. Scout told Atticus that someone had put a blanket over her and she didn’t even

notice. Jem and Scout thought that Boo was not only a kind man, but he was not a bad

man like everyone had been making him out to be. Boo was looking out for them. Mr.

Dolphus Raymond was mistaken as an evil man when he offered Dill alcohol, Scout was

absolutely shocked when she saw what Mr. Dolphus Raymond had offered Dill. Dill told

Scout it was only Coca-cola. At that moment, the kids saw Mr.Raymond as a completely

different man. Mr. Raymond was now considered just a person living his own life, while

doing what it takes to keep his secret of liking black people, to himself.

Injustice is not always the situation the Jem and Scout are faced with, but every

placement does change their lives. The Tom Robinson trial is the biggest event that

transfigured the lives of Jem and Scout. When Atticus received news that Tom Robinson

had been killed he told his children that Tom was running and they shot him. Jem and

Scout had a lot going through their heads when they heard about Tom being shot. While

being stressed out from this situation, they surely knew that, that brave man was now in a

free, peaceful place. After Jem realizes reality he says to himself that he thinks he is

beginning to understand why Boo Radley stays in his house all the time. It was because

he wanted to stay inside. Jem is beginning to deal with the after effect of the trial. He is

shocked and very upset at the fact that the jury convicted an innocent man. Now that

Jem knows of this experience, his life will be greatly altered and his perspective on

society will be as well.

Jem and Scout are going to grow up to be great people.

With the things that Jem and Scout see, and the actions they take towards life, they will be

able to take on just about anything as time passes them by. Jem and Scout have seen

more in a few years than most people see in their entire lifetime. With so much emphasis

from Atticus and so many learning experiences with the people around them, they will

definitely make a difference just like their father did.

The events that occurred in their lives had such a great impact that Scout changed her

attitude as well as the clothing she wore. Jem on the other hand did not really change

physically, but grew mentally and emotionally.