To Kill a Mocking Bird, a Harper Lee classic and Pulitzer prize winner, is a controversial book . It deals with racism in the south, which means white vs. black. In the book, To Kill a Mocking Bird the community believes that the black man is guilty, despite any evidence, and will stop at nothing until he is dead. The notion that blacks are less human than whites is dispicable. The characters in this novel, knew full well that the black people were no different deep down inside. They taught there children that black people were inferior. Black people, were and are as good if not better, than the white people. Their brain power was equal to the white man’s. The notion that black people’s soul was different, and therefore it didn’t matter what happened to them ,because they were all going to hell, was prevalent.

The white people of the south in the 1930’s, as depicted in To Kill a
Mocking Bird, believed that blacks had inferior minds. That idea was atroshish because at that time black inventors were inventing all kinds of modern technology, like the neon light bulb. Black people were not inferior to the white, they just didn’t have the advantages of a good education. If anything they were smarter, because they strived to learn .
Black people were just as intellegent as the whites but were thought of as less, because they were different.

The book also made the statement that black people were hard workers, who could do anything the white people could do and sometimes do it better. The black people also did their work for less money, and they still went out of their way to help the people that treated them different. Tom Robinson eventually lost his life by helping a white woman, who lied to hang an innocent man. She also covered up for a lazy white man who drank to much. This, in my mind, was the worst obstruction of justice ever.

The consensus of opinion, in the 30’s was that Black people would go to hell, so it didn’t matter whether or not Tom Robinson hung. This is wrong, and the people that said it probably went to church every week, and sat in the front pew. However Aticus and the people at the black church, knew the truth, and served God regardless of the other people’s beliefs. When Jem and Scout went to the Black church, they realized the truth too. The black people did everything just like them, and genuinely cared about people.

The book To Kill a Mocking Bird, portrayed two different opinions. One was stronger than the other, and the other one was right. Black people are no different from white people. If only the majority of the Maycomb county people knew that in the 1930’s, the outcome would have been different.