To Conform Not To Conform

1: to be similar or identical; also: to be in agreement or harmony — used with to or with

I feel that conformity is a waste of time, and I believe in most coses it disguises who you really are. In the Middle Ages, many nonconformists were popularly labeled as witches, whether they had anything to do with witchcraft or not. The practice has not changed that much since then, except that we do not burn these people at the stake. When conformists feel uncomfortable in the presence of someone with a different background and customs, it is easier to blame that person rather than to examine your own motives.

In whatever high school you go to whether it is private, public, or a boarding school, you are going to find conformity everywhere. Students who attend schools which are required to where uniforms, conform just the same. Conformity is something which I discuss or say comments about often, because I feel conformity is a sign of being afraid of what you want, fear of being unaccepted, or discriminated against. There are many fads and fashions that I love, and like to wear; but, I am not afraid to wear or do something that is not the latest trend and/or widely accepted.

Conformity is not limited to the way you dress. It shows up in types of speech, hair cuts, sports we play, and other various ways we choose to impress others. It is amazing the amount of time we spend thinking about what other people think about us. When in reality all they’re thinking about is what we think about them. Find yourself, and please try not to be afraid of it.