To Capture My Heart

Inspiring Poems and Songs Along with Original Works

Period 4 & 5 GATE English

April 5th, 2004

Nicole Breedlove “Front Page or Bust”

“Yeah well there was a gay bar blown up on April 25th with a pipe bob and the police are listing it as a “faggot assault” but JFK Jr. was on the front page as the “hunk that flunked” and in the last week there have been two hostages released from the Middle East and President Bush is gloating about something he didn’t do but Elizabeth Taylor is on the front page as the “ailing diva of film” and David Aponte who was set afire for saying no to drugs and was burned over 80% or his body and is still in he hospital with unthinkable hospital bills but Mike Milken was on the front page for crying about a 600 million dollar fine (poor baby!) and a black man was killed while surrendering to two while police officers who were suspended with pay pending an investigation but Donald Trump is on the front page as the man who can buy his cake and eat it too and movie stars continue to take precedence over the homeless and politician’s personal lives continue to take precedence over justice and names like Elizabeth Taylor Mike Milken and Donald Trump are just fancy names for irrelevance.”

This poem really spoke to me about what shows up on the front page; what the media finds important. Examples like a guy was set afire for saying no to drugs while Mike Milken was complaining over a fine because he was in the wrong. The author really made an impact by choosing those certain examples in the poem…it really made a difference in illustrating the point. You could say it was loaded language, but it still made the effect better which is what the point of loaded language is.

“Eight of Nine” by the Ataris Author Unknown

“These hospital walls are the palest of white

here in this desert they’re reciting my last rights

the smell of these halls brings temporary comfort

as the oxygen flows through my blood

El Corazon was poisoned tonight

She’s on her eight of nine

When half of all your prayers are insincere the other half are lies

Here is this watermark under this bridge

The point where it crested, rolled back and drifted

Into the sea

I climb from this wreckage as the smoke

Begins to clear from my lungs

The closest of close calls has happened tonight

It’s time that I make things right

For the first time since the last time

Let this moment of clarity lift this curse that has been cast upon me

So appreciate the good times

But don’t take the worst for granted

‘cuz you only get so many second chances.”

I picked this song because I can really relate to it. When I first heard it, it caught my attention because it was so poetic, with lines like “El Corazon was poisoned tonight.” But after digging a little deeper into the meaning, I really saw that it had a good lesson; “so appreciate the god times, but don’t take the worst for granted ‘cuz you only get so many second chances.” Basically I took the song to be about a car crash, or really a car going off a bridge. The author talks about being comforted by the smell of the halls in the hospital. H3e also talks about being on an IV. Then he goes on about how the heart (El Corazon) was poisoned. The last part of the section goes as follows: “she’s on her eight of nine.” That really ties in with not taking the worst for granted; you never know what time is going to be the last. He also talks about how he hopes “this moment of clarity” will lift this curse that has been cast upon him. I felt like he was saying, “Ok, now I see what I’ve been doing, now let it affect the way I’m living” or something like that.

Realizing Love by Richard Sheak

I take a deep breath,
say four words and let my true tears fall,
when you answer me maybe this wont work at all,
friends we can still remain,
but since then no longer have i heard you speak