To believe or not to believe, Evolution?

Composition 1

November 20, 2003

The topics of Creation science and evolutionary science have long been debated in schools churches and laboratories around the world. Faith and proven facts are two very different aspects in the pursuit of truth. Creation science is the belief that God created the universe. With hundreds of different religions around the world this theory varies in its ideas while primarily stating that a supreme being created all things of the earth and the universe surrounding it. Conversely the theory of evolution states that life simply began. Also varying slightly in its ideas the core theory being that life began from a simple life form likely bacteria and has been evolving ever since. Both ideas present much speculation as to the true origins of the earth and its many inhabitants. Cold hard facts are hard to deny when it comes to proving and disproving a theory. One of the main evolutionary theories, theistic evolution, states that evolution takes place with the help of a god or a supreme being. Belief that life simply started spontaneously without any help seems far fetched. Accordingly, reasonable theories, scientific facts and a sensible faith in the idea of Theistic evolution support this premise time after time.

“In both scholarly and popular literature one frequently finds references to ‘Darwin\'s theory of evolution’, as though it were a unitary entity. In reality, Darwin\'s ‘theory’ of evolution was a whole bundle of theories, and it is impossible to discuss Darwin\'s evolutionary thought constructively if one does not distinguish its various components.”(Hanes, 2003) Darwinism, evolution, and theistic evolution, are theories that change and adjust as time goes on. The path these institutions of thought have taken is similar to the ideas behind the theories themselves. Always changing and growing as we learn is an almost evolutionary trait in itself. Darwin’s original theory included natural selection which was sketchy at best and was not entirely accepted by Darwin himself at the time. Since his time many facts have been researched and new ideas have come to light regarding genes and the process they follow to make each species what it is today. (Dawkins 1) On the contrary Christian beliefs state that the scripture is in itself inerrant and to believe evolution is to give up ones faith. The many theories surrounding evolution do not fit if one is to believe the Old Testament of the bible word for word. However, it is entirely possible that over time through the many interpretations of holy books from all religions have been changed slightly and may not be entirely accurate in there current form.

“Had God wished to supply humanity with decisive evidence refuting evolution, He therefore could easily have done so by depositing, preserving, and later exposing to paleontologists numerous mammalian fossils in the oldest rock strata--no difficult feat for the omnipotent creator of the universe.”(Vuletic 1) Throughout the fossil record scientists continually find traces of evolving species. “From fish to amphibian: The fish Eusthenopteron and the early amphibian Icthyostega share so many characteristics as to constitute a virtual bridge between fishes and amphibians.” (Vuletic 1) Evolutionary changes do not take place from one generation to the next. Moreover they take place over thousands of years in very miniscule increments. In the grand scheme one thousand years is a brief moment in the history of the earth while in the fossil record it appears as a mere moment in time. (Hanes 1) Therefore providing creationists a small unstable platform to argue that a supreme being “must have” created any new species and raising again the famous question where is the missing link? A question not so easily answered for the Homo sapiens species; however it has been answered time and time again among other species. Long thought an implausible link from land mammals to whales, an intermediate species was discovered in 1994 by two paleontologists. (Vuletic 1)

A little bit of faith goes a long way, 14 billion years long to be more precise. Theistic evolution suggests that a God created the first single celled animal as long ago as 4 billion years. Many events and parameters too precise to be random accidents or changes lend support to the ideas of some type of supreme intervention.