To be sane is to be mentally sound and healthy,
according to the Merriam Webster Dictionary. Insanity
as defined by the Merriam Webster Dictionary as
exhibiting serious and debilitating mental disorder.
Serial killers are seen by most people as being
insane. This is not the case. Some of the most famous
serial killers were some of the smartest and clever
individuals of their time. Many serial killers,
though wrong in what they do, are some of the most
intelligent people to have lived.
Jack the Ripper is the most elusive and mysterious
serial killer who has been recorded. He was a
murderer in London in the late 1800’s. He murdered
prostitutes in the early hours of many mornings. He
was never caught which helps show his elusiveness. He
was a very intelligent man as well as being elusive.
The intellect he has is shown through his murders.
After killing his victims, he cut them open and toyed
with their anatomy. To the untrained eye it looked as
though he butchered his victim with no goal in mind,
but to the keen eye it is the work of a genious. When
the best known detective agency in the world,
Scotland Yard, fails to catch a serial killer it
scares the city, nation, or even the world.
The world would have a problem of its own in the
1940’s: The Ill Reich. Adolf Hitler was a man of
great power. This man had developed his power on his
own. He was very manipulative and creative and used
his wit to gain power among the Germans. Hitler went
from an low ranking infantry man to the leader of the
country by his own intellectual talent. He had many
followers, even though he was just an ordinary
murderer. He was one of the most underestimated men
by the United States in history. Nobody knew what one
man was capable of. His intellect almost led him to
complete world conquest. The plans he developed: how
to defeat almost all of Europe and not deplete his
forces. His cunning kept him in power with little to
hold him back. Hitler was an intelligent man but had
an anger and an obsession that burned deep within
him. This obsession was Hitler’s downfall. Trying to
annihilate an entire race of men was too much for any
man but he kept trying. He was too greedy to stop
hunting Jews.
Many different depictions of serial killers are
used in movies and books. There is a different
stereotype that coincides with entertainment. Very
few movies or books go beyond these stereotypes and
use more realistic, humanized characters. “Silence of
the Lambs” is a good example of the less typical but
more realistic serial killer. Hannibal Lector is a
serial killer in a mental ward, helping a detective
track down a killer. The reason for his imprisonment
in a psychiatric ward is because of his cannibalism.
His intellect is more advanced than what is perceived
by most of the characters except the detective that
he is helping. Detective Clarice Starling is aware
that he is a brilliant man. She seeks his help
because she knows of his intelligence. This movie is
close to reality and created so that it can be
believed. “Silence of the Lambs” has won many awards
due to its realistic attitude. It won five Academy
Awards in 1991 including best actress, best actor,
and best picture. These awards are just a few of the
many awards that help show how this movie is
politically correct.
Many serial killers, though wrong in what they do, are
some of the most intellectual people to have lived. There
are many different angles that sanity can be viewed from.
Cannibalism, murdering, or world conquest do not promote
insanity but show how such people have bad morals. For
example, to almost achieve world domination is a feat in
itself. To be one of a handful of people to almost
accomplish a task such as Alexander the Great, Ghengis Kahn,
and Napolean shows the intelligence required to perform such
a task.