To an Athlete Dying Young and Ex-Basketball Player

Comparisson/Contrast Essay-

These two are alike in some aspects, and different in
others. With both of these poems, the reader is provided with a
clear mental picture of the situation. In the poems the reader is
left intrigued by the facts and other parts that you think of on
your own. You must read betewwn the lines in this stury to get
the full effect. The clever last lines on the stry leave the reader
in suspense.
To an Athlete Dying Young is a very depressing story. It
has absolutely no humor in it. It gave me a very depressed
feeling when I read it. This story depicts the troubles and
thoughts of an high school aged athlete. The person being
described in this story has lost all of his or her glory and respect.
Ex-Basketball Player seems to be a very lighthearted
story. This is quite the opposite of To an Athlete Dying Young.
Flick is automatically recognized as an idiot in the second
stanza. It seems like it was his choice to be a gas station
attendant. This was a very funny poem. He is a nothing now. He
still has his respect and is not forgotten from his record in 1946.
These two poems are more different than they are alike.
The first one is depressing. I personally do not like these kind of
poems. The second one made me feel quite happy. This was
because I am glad I am not stupid to the point of being equal to
old Flick. These sort of poems are enjoyable to read, unlike To
an Athlete Dying Young. If you compare the titles, the first
sounds sad from first sight. The second sounds sort of amusing.
There is always great parody with the usage of “Ex”. Some
examples such as: Ex-Wife, Ex-President. This prefix always
made me wonder “Why and how Ex “?