Title: Deadly Drugs a Town in Crises
(from the Magazine Teen People)

Heron has killed 11 teenagers, In two years heron
has kill 11 of Plano, brightest teenagers. (Good
Evening, my name is John Carter) This evening we
are going to talk about and discuss drug abuse in a
small town in America.

Who: Rob Hill, an 18 year old died in the same hospital
he was born in. The article claims that he live
the life style in which most American’s would envy.
He was also raise in a home with a living family.
(a) The boy raise a Golden Retriever, from a
(b) He own a Jeep Wrangler
(c) He was on the High School Football team.
(d) Had plan to enroll in Texas Tech University

How: Rob Hill, overdose on a powerful mixture of high-
grade heron and antihistamines call (Chiva). Users
states that it create a warm carefree feeling
lasting about one hour. (Chiva is normally
snorted). The cost is between $15.00 and $20.00
a hit.

Now just to bring this article closer to you!
Two of the 11 were colleges students, one was a
former alter boy, one was a dedicated young Marine
and a 17 year old girl looking forward to spend a
summer in Europe fell prey.

What: All happen from some form of drugs. (heron)

Where: Plano Texas (Upscale Town) hardly a ghetto, pop
(192,000) once rated the best place in the country
to raise a family. The city of Plano has the
lowest crime rate in the state of Texas, along with
being the 5th fastest growing city in America. The
median age residents is 31.0 years and the median
family has 2.89 persons. The median household
income is $58,831 a year and 92% of all adults are
in the work force. 78.8% of household has two
family income and the national scale is 58.9%. The
area has sprawling brick homes manicured lawns, and
schools that are known for their quality. They
have (22) alcohol- and drug-prevention programs and
resources available in the schools.

Why: The entire city folks are so upset they are now
beginning to fight back. Most feel that it is the
privileged lifestyle—and a lack of real family
values—in part to blame for the crisis. An
attitude that money takes care of any problem said
a former FBI agent that live in Plano. Also to
make matter worst is that Texas is one of the
biggest corridors between Latin America and the
United States.

Last March Plano sting operation busted 37
suspected drug dealers which of 14 were located
high school students. However drugs are as easy as
purchasing a pack of cigarettes. Some feel that is
Plano is planning to win the war they have already

Many kids ignore the warnings. However now the
kids are starting to talk about it. The attitude
before that it was someone else’s problem. It
couldn’t happen to me. Student’s are now producing
videos to encourage others students not to use
drugs. They are campaigning on that there is a
danger to drugs. They are tired of seeing there
friends die.

How does this relate to the class and what we are studying?

First of all we are all college students, second of
all some of us are Marines and third of all it is
happening in one of our American cities.

How does this relate to the book we have been studying?

Some of the kids are juvenile delinquent. A Since
of family values are missing in which we stated
that can derive to delinquency. What causes the
onset of delinquency, and what sustains it over the
life course? Page 70. One view is that multiple
social, personal, and economic factors can
influence delinquency. Chronological offenders
start and continues which are the cases in the
overdose drug user.

Summary: As stated in class, last Wednesday night, what
could we do about this type of problem and what
would be the most economical way to rid of the
problem? It was to educate, our young in the home
and the teachers job to continue to educate our
kids in school.