Title: 5 Novels

Author: Daniel Pinkwater

Category: Sci- Fiction, Fiction

Settings: First story: in Hogboro, New York. Second story: Earth and the planet Spiegel.
Third story: Genghis Khan High School. Forth: Rochester New York. Fifth: Margaret
Himmler High School.

Time Period: 1990's

Alan Mendelson, the boy from mars: Leonard Neeble. Alan Mendelson. Samuel Klugarsh.
Clarence Yojimbo. Leonard Neeble is the new kid at school. No one really likes him, but he
doesn’t care. He’s a real smart boy, but he found out if he acted dumb, no one would notice him.
His grades are failing and his parents send him to a psychology just about the same time a new
kid arrives at school. His name is Alan Mendelson, and he claims to be from Mars. He’s an
outcast, like Leonard, but the kids just don’t like him, they hate him. He’s always being mean,
and he can trip people just by whistling. They become good friends, and they go comic book
hunting, and they find this store with this guy who studies hyperstellar archaeology. His name is
Samual Klugarsh. He tells them about his studies, and sells them a device, to see if you can have
mind control. They try it, and it works. They can make people take off their hats and rub their
bellies. Klugarsh gives them the next book, by Clarence Yojimbo, disguised as a dictionary. If
you write down the second English words of each word backwards, It tells you other things you
can do. The did, It didn’t tell much. Then they met Clarence Yojimbo in a café one day, and he
told them the real purpose for state 26 (Mind control) He says that in certain places, you can
move into another dimension using state 26. They try one, the only one in America, which
happens to be in the next town. They could only go for 2 hours before they were stuck there.
They went, and followed these people into a cave. Th people told them that they were ruled by 3
people who had a monster enforce their law. That monster could only be seen in semi dark
places. Everyone came to the place these 3 were, and all brought torches. “They”(The 3 rulers)
threatened to call the monster out, but the people wouldn’t leave. The monster came out, and in
the smoke, everyone could see that it was just “Them” in state 26, partially visible. A famous
Martian, who helped plan this, was grateful. Later on, Leonard got a letter from Alan
saying”Dear Leonard, My parents want you to ask your parents if it would be OK if you stayed
the summer in “The Bronx”(If ya know what I mean). If they say yes, our friend Rolzup (The
Martian) will be able to arange all of the details. Your friend, Alan Mendelson.
Slaves of Spiegel: Sargon, Norman Bleistift, Steve Nickelson. It starts on a planet,
covered with rappers. All the fat pirates come to hear Sargon He throws out food to all the
pirates. He made a speech about their history, how they raided all the planets for food. He talked
about every delicacy in the galaxy. He really didn’t care, he was bored with their food. He
wanted something new and different. He announced that the person who could find someone to
cook the best food in the galaxy, would be rewarded for the rest of their lives. On earth, Norman
was working for Steve in an ice cream shop. He had every flavor there was and a lot of weird
one too. One big one was the Day of Wrath, a HUGE bucket full of all kinds of weird ice cream.
One day, a fat pirate with a digital watch came and ordered one. This made Steve very excited,
no one has ever ordered one before. The fat pirate ate it and left. Steve was kinda mad that the
fat man didn’t say anything, but the next day, two groups of fat men with digital watches came,
the next day, a dozen. Then, one night, an alien ship came and took Steve away. Steve didn’t
mind, he just asked for them to bring Norman to help him cook. Norman was a bit nervous.
When they got to Spiegel, They were told to prepare their finest. Steve didn’t want to make just
a Day of Wrath, he wanted something bigger. It had to be a lot though, he had to feed thousands
of people. They were in