Time Consideration

November 12 1998

After taking this matter into consideration, I have come to several
conclusions, which would allow me to better manage my time. By
implementing a few small changes into every ones\' normal workday; I
would be able to accomplish more of the major tasks and spend less time
on mediocre and thoughtless tasks; making my time at work more fruitful.
The few extra minutes required by the staff, will make a world of
difference to the amount of serious projects I am able to complete in an
average week.

The first thing I would like to address is the fact that I regularly spend a
good majority of my time a work cleaning the offices and work areas,
while neglecting the normal building maintenance which is what I was
originally hired to do. Now that people have gotten accustomed to me
thoroughly leaning up after them, they leave things lying around. This is a
problem. One way we could solve this problem is if on my days off
everyone could take their own trash out and sweep up the floor before
they leave instead of letting it pile up ,and waiting for me to take it out. I
have worked here for a year, so I\'m sure everyone knows the days I\'m off.
If everyone could do these things just once a week I would deeply
appreciate it.

The next issue I would like to address is the amount of unnecessary
work I am called on to do, which has been happening quite frequently
lately. Most of the time this sort of thing is not a problem, I like to help out.
But, when I\'m doing something of importance and I get a page or a call to
come to the office; only to find the office people want me to change a light
bulb in their lamp, or run to the basement to fetch a box of files. This takes
away from my work performance and sometimes makes me look bad.
Sometimes when I get a few things going at once and get a call like this I\'ll
forget one of the tasks till it\'s to late; and you know how important being
done on time is, when there is a class coming in.

By cutting down on unnecessary work, I will streamline my
performance and be able to take on larger tasks. One way I would suggest
doing this is; I will place all of the light bulbs and other things needed for
daily office life, in the empty cabinet in the kitchen; and label it
accordingly. That way the only time I\'m called is if the item someone is
looking for isn\'t in there.

Another one of the major problems I would like to address is the
inability people seem to have with talking directly to me about what they
need, or things they would like me to do. That means in general, when
something is broken or there is some other problem, it is left unattended
until I either stumble onto it or someone else brings it to attention to have it
fixed. Now I know there has to be some sort of chain of command, but
being a maintenance person there should be some reconfiguring, because
someone else bringing it to attention also makes me look bad. If some thing
is broken And needs to be fixed, no one should be afraid to tell me. So I
propose that we put up a ballot box , the person remaining anonymous,
can voice there opinion or just let me know of things that need my
attention. This would make my and you\'re job a little easier, and make
everyone happy.

One of the most important and longest going struggle for me is
cleaning the clay studio. The students who are so eager to learn on there
own show up early and interrupt my cleaning. Sometimes the students get
extremely rude, telling me all of there problems and why this is the only
time they can be in the studio due to there hectic schedule, then I tell them
that this is the only time allotted to clean the studio , but they still don\'t
understand. I would like to clarify once and for all to everyone; that the
cleaning time on the studio schedule does not mean open studio; it means
that I am cleaning and no one should be there trying to work, because the
studio is closed until I am completely finished. The students continue to be
hard headed about