time Buck was getting stronger and faster in his experiences. Other dogs had died
because they could not survive in the wild. For example Curly was one of the dogs that
was torn apart by wolves. He was then sold again to a wealthy inexperienced group of
travelers, Mercedes, Charles, & Hal. They had mercilessly wore the dogs out and killed
the ones that couldn’t go on. Buck was still surviving on small rations until he couldn’t
take it anymore and fell. Hal started to beat him severely until he was almost dead. A
man named Thornton had saved him and told them that it was not there dog anymore.
The three went on and had died by falling in to the thin iced lake. Thornton had nursed
Buck back to health and Buck had developed love for Thornton. Buck had done many
good things for his new master such as winning a lot of money by pulling a half a ton
sled. Buck kept hearing calls from wolves and went towards that call, he had won a place
amongst the wolves, when he was returning to camp he had found Thornton and other
people slain by the Yeehats (indians). Buck had found there camp and had brutally killed
all of them. Survivng Yeehats called him The Ghost Dog. Buck had found his rightful
place in the wild.
The theme of this story is basically about survival of the fittest. Other dogs like
Buck had gone and died on the trail except for Buck. The irony is that they were all like
Buck, they came from comfortable homes yet they still died. Buck had the strong will
and strength to survive in the wild. He had fought a dog and had learned to fight
extremely well. He had developed many wolf like senses. He had fought and killed half
of an indian tribe by himself because of his dead masters death. Surviving is the key to
the wild, if you cant learn to adapt to the coldness and eating raw food, you chances are
fatal. Buck had learned to stay alive and found his true wolf like nature. These things are
all shown in the passages. I think that Jack London wrote this book because he may have
seen some of the torture that sled dogs go through during the gold rush. The brutality he
might have seen could have inspired him to write this book