Throughout the Vietnam War, many significant terms evolved . This cartoon illustrates some of them.
The first thing noticed is the sign: "The Old Myths Home", as the place of gathering. The different myths are some of the policies and beliefs of the different countries involved.
The first myth to look at is the Domino Theory. This was an American belief that described their opinion on how communism would spread. The United States felt that if one country, Vietnam, fell into the hands of communism then another would and it would continue to grow. This belief was also given to the American soldiers and the American public as a reason for going to Vietnam. America was there to stop the spread of communism, also known as containment. Their goal was to contain communism.
The three heads represent the three communist countries, two of which were super powers. One head represents Russia, definitely a communistic super power, one head represents China, a communistic super power of that time as well, and the third head represents Vietnam. This was represented as a group of monolithic communists.
Another myth present was "Peace with Honor". This was President Richard Nixon's slogan while negotiating with North Vietnam to withdraw their troops. As the war went on and we continued to lose more and more men, the American public wondered why we didn't just withdraw our men. The American public saw this war going nowhere. An explanation given as to why we were unable to withdraw our men was because we couldn't lose our honor. The American government didn't want to lose any respect in this for many different reasons. Nixon's goal was to compromise peace but still keep the American honor. Another myth that came into this same scene was the saying " Light at the End of the Tunnel". As time started to pass, the American government started to feel that hope was there.
The bathtub, or the "Bloodbath" represents the term that was used to sum up thoughts or predictions on what would happen if North Vietnam took over South Vietnam. Many people feared that there would be massive killings that would take place.
This cartoon brings all of the different beliefs into one meeting house known as "The Old Myths Home."